KOINOS: Elevator Pitch | Why Getting Involved?

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Almost by the day, new projects and blockchains are announced and born. Many of them sound nice, but have little substance behind it.

KOINOS is different, in my honest opinion.

Why I think that? Easy! The team behind KOINOS blockchain is experienced in building fast and powerful blockchains. Thus far the team members showed they have decentralisation at heart. The way the distributing of the initial 100M KOIN is setup, shows they have fairness at heart. It doesn't look like a money grabbing scheme at all. No ICO. No pre-mine.

Marketing: I didn't see a lot of marketing around KOIN, therefore I took the liberty to create an elevator pitch myself. The result is the video you see here. With the 57 seconds in total, just a tat too long to be a true elevator pitch. I couldn't make it shorter though, unless I would've removed some of the highlights that bought me in.

Stuff to Read: Those who follow me on HIVE and LeoFinance, may have seen my articles about KOIN. When not but interested, check the links below...

Mining/Buying: After a few days, I stopped mining. Main reason: I can buy KOIN for less than mining will cost me. Enough supply at Uniswap for you to buy as well and keep your fans at rest and your home quiet.

Opportunity: Regardless what the team is able to deliver, the opportunity is there and dirt cheap. The maximum supply in the mining phase is 100M KOIN. Today the value set at the Uniswap decentralised exchange is between 1 and 2$ct. This means: A total market cap of 1 to 2 Million US dollars only; Absolute nothing in the universe of crypto and blockchains. Ok ok, that is my opinion :)

Disclaimer: Obviously, my message is not to be taken as financial advise. Do your own research. Read the white paper. Watch the videos on the KOINOS website and in KOINOS YouTube channel. Get yourselves familiar with the team. Only then, make up your mind and act accordingly :)


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