My HIVE Pitch for Business & Technology/ICT minded people...

in #hivepitchlast year

One of the best challenges we had, is this one by TheyCallMeDan...

the "Elevator Pitch Initiative"

The pitch I sometimes use towards business and technology/ICT minded people outside the Blockchain and Crypto Universes...

Usually when I tell about HIVE, I adapt my 'story' depending on whom I pitch to. Truthfully, when I pitched to business people, in most of the cases I used more words to explain what HIVE is about. This challenge got me thinking to try and keep the message as short as possible.

I'll go through all the other pitches send in for this challenge and will select those that I like the most and think will be the most effective moving forward and will start to adopt myself.

Would be great when we can combine all pitches into a single post, when the challenge is done. This will make it easy for others in the community to learn about how to pitch HIVE. Would be fantastic when users with a large reach in the community, would create such post. Unfortunately, thats not I. But I'm more than happy to support the creation of such post. Just let me know and I'll help you out.


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