Technological Chasm & The Great Divide: I'm here live; I'm not a cat.

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Alright friends

This is like a week old but I just can't get over it: too funny.

This lawyer, during an official proceeding, finds himself stuck on a kitten filter not knowing how to turn it off.


I actually had to watch the video like 5 times before I noticed this:

Recording of this hearing or live stream is prohibited.

Violation may constitute contempt of court and result in a fine of up to $500 and a jail term of up to 180 days.



I'm prepared to go forward with it.
I'm here live... I'm not a cat!

AH HAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!! omfg too good.

All that's left to do is ask our resident lawyer @apshamilton how funny it is. Gotta get confirmation from an official source.


The crazy thing about this is that they even mention the ability for Zoom to track the eyes of their clients. "I didn't know Zoom could do that!" Welcome to the Great Reset, facial-recognition style. The police-state is literally embedded into this comedy. I love my Big Brother.

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I especially like this rendition because it gets topped off with a little condescending remark by the male newscaster:

*puts arm out*

Ya gonna be okay?

What? No "sweetie"/"honey"? ... Getting soft, newscasters!

Hm, yeah bro, she'll be fine.

But seriously though, the more I think about this comical scenario, the more I realize it is directly related to crypto as it pertains to The Great Divide.

Technology vs The People

This is been a theme since before the Luddites took a stand.

The Luddites were a secret oath-based organization of English textile workers in the 19th century, a radical faction which destroyed textile machinery as a form of protest.

Yeah, you can't win by destroying abundance technology,
we already tried that. No dice.

Evolve or become irrelevant.

The problem here is that central-banks/governments, and thus the military/prison industrial complex itself have become the Luddites... and let me tell you: They are a lot more scary than some pissed off low-class factory workers.

Do you want to start a war with Big Oil? Pass...

There's so much to unpack here, and I have another post in the queue about crypto city-states and how just recently there has been a lot of talk about building a crypto city in Reno, Nevada (I could drive there in less than 3 hours).

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Old ppl and email don't mix.

My friend had a job teaching old people how to use their iPhones and computers (they don't use Windows or Android: too complex). I was randomly covering for him one day, the job actually paid surprisingly well but the hours were quite spotty.

What I'm trying to say here is that I have firsthand experience just how bad the older generations are with technology, and when you get them in a room together (like an old-folks home) the tech ignorance seems to skyrocket.

At first I thought I was largely unqualified for the job, and to an extent, that was true because I'm more of a Windows/Android kid. However, more than half of the job was simply being patient with how bad they were with technology (which I was surprisingly good at). I spent an entire hour teaching like 12 people just to sign up for a Facebook account. Pretty wild.

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Using this as context, it's grossly obvious that crypto is going to drop an A-bomb into the technological chasm and widen it by exponential bounds. There will be many, "I'm here live; I'm not a cat," moments in crypto, and they will happen over and over again: many of them resulting in devastating losses due to the obvious link between the industry and currency itself.

Blockchain is extremely unforgiving in this raw state. Every time I transfer Bitcoin on-chain I get accosted by some level of fear that I messed up and lost my money until the operation confirms. This can take an hour or more depending on fate. That's a lot of built-in anxiety, and I'm quite technologically proficient. What about people that haven't been here three years in addition to also having little technological experience? Learn to fly, little bird! You can do it!


Investing in education has never been more important.

And I'm not talking about the state-mandated indoctrination of the public school system or the windbag pretentious fluff they peddle in academia that has nothing to do with the real world. Soon™, education will be free and everyone will be holding on to these new systems for dear life as the legacy economy implodes.

close InfinityEternityEndlessLoop85696133.jpg

Sorry, did I say "free" education?

What I meant to say is that citizens of crypto will legit be PAID to learn. That's how this works: the script is about to get flipped in every direction. Centralized agents will not be able to follow us into the new paradigm: that much is certain.

Get paid to ______!

This is why I'm so bullish on Hive and LEO. We are so far ahead of the curve it's unbelievable.

  • Diet and exercise are important, therefore we must pay our citizens to eat right and stay active. Gym membership? The Web 1.0 subscription model is so 2000 and late... actually our citizens get paid to go to the gym, not the other way around. Kind of like being in the military.
  • Education is important, tech is growing exponentially. We must pay our citizens to learn these things or they will be left behind, unable to provide value inside the economies we've created.
    • This is all part of our onboarding system. Just like a corporation trains their workers, and said workers get paid during training, so too will crypto citizens be paid to train. The same statement applies to diet and exercise.
  • Politics is important, therefore citizens will be paid to participate in decisions made by our city-state. We will focus less on the Children's Table of Politics and invite all our citizens to the Big Girl Table.
    • The main political issues will be money, power, and how to acquire more within this new system of synergy, cooperation, and balance... rather than via means of domination and cutthroat capitalism.
  • Security is important, therefore we must pay our citizens to defend what we've built (much like paying miners to secure Bitcoin). We accomplish this using robust (but not necessarily efficient) systems with many failsafe measures. We secure the entire system by monetizing positive enforcement, as opposed to punishing those who dare defy us.
    • Already we see what happens when the power grid in Texas goes private and all the corners get cut to turn a profit.

Texas Power Retailers to Customers in Face of Freeze: Please, Leave Us

One power supplier, Griddy, told all 29,000 of its customers that they should switch to another provider as spot electricity prices soared to as high as $9,000 a megawatt-hour. Griddy’s customers are fully exposed to the real-time swings in wholesale power markets, so those who don’t leave soon will face extraordinarily high electricity bills.

Telling your customers to leave because the cost of power just went x100? That's a new one...



Be it weather, government, politics, the economy, or crypto: the new standard is clear. The NEW NORMAL is volatility itself. We are on the brink of exponential change, and quite possibly exponential evolution paired with exponential disaster. The Great Reset is on the horizon.

Humanity is due for some turbulence, and Mother Earth herself seems to be bracing for impact. I was quite the doomsayer before crypto rolled around, and now I see it as the only option to scale up and avoid complete catastrophic meltdown.

We must teach as many people as we can as much as we can before shit really starts hitting the fan. Don't let the people around you be the "I'm here live; I'm not a cat," guy. Show new users the ropes when they get thrust into the ring by the unseen forces around them.

Soon™ enough, systems will be put into place that will pay citizens to board the crypto airplane. Until then, we'll be scrappers, trying to make do with the raw & archaic systems that are presently in place. Development moves at a snails pace, and then the tipping point gets breeched and the floodgates open. We must steel ourselves and prepare for the inevitable future.

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I can confirm that it is hilariously funny.

I’ve been appearing in Court just like this (minus the cat filter).

BTW. It was the Judge that released the video so it was official and legal.
He knew it would get out and didn’t want to have wholesale violation of rules against recording.

That part about being paid to exercise was truly enlightening... I hadn't thought about that before but it makes a lot of sense on a number of levels. Before people paid to do things, however, it looks like we are now transitioning to people being paid to do things and it looks like that could/will trickle over into almost all aspects of life.

Yeah and once crypto networks start massively adopting this model... it basically leaves every centralized agent out in the cold no longer able to compete. The attention economy is real, and "free money" gets a lot of attention. Airdrops are just the opening act.

I ran directly into this the other day.

My mom actually asked me about Bitcoin, after years of being in crypto and me talking about it, and I realized that I couldn't in good conscience tell her to buy it, because of how she is with passwords.

Maybe she could save the password multiple places and be fine...but one mess up and it's gone. That's really not something I can suggest for someone that's not very technically inclined.

Until technology has a solution to make Bitcoin easier, only the new generation that's used to passwords will be able to use it.

Can't wait for the headlines where some hedge fund instantly loses 10 billion in crypto.

For reallzzzzz...

I mean you could always roll the dice by just having her hold it on Coinbase and keep the initial investment small ( < $1000? ), but still every option is full of risk.

I'm still stuck on the cat section of the blog. Oh man I'm at my 10th viewing.


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I just bought and powered up 400 $LEO to start, planning on getting a bunch more as soon as some other token positions mature. I'm very bullish on both $HHIVE and $LEO however more bullish on $LEO at the moment!

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Lol thought I was over the "I'm not a cat" after watching it multiple times... Nope, still gets me 😂

Getting paid to exercise? I'm going to have to fire up Actifit more often!

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You sound utopian..and I like it. :) Instead of getting paid to toil you get paid to do what you already do. It’s going to be tough changing the old farts in charge. I guess they will get left behind.

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The legacy economy won't be able to compete with a new cooperative economy that scales. It will be attacked. It will be called communism. The word domestic terrorist will be thrown around without regard for the weight it holds. But still...


crypto city states? I've been dreaming since forever about an island we could buy as a community when hive reaches $100,and on the island everything would be priced in crypto, also meet your hive/leo peeps there. Might be silly but the hive island idea cheers me up :)

Awesome 🤗🤗

I have been looking at my crypto holdings as a security blanket just in case, as much as anything. It needs to grow a whole bunch yet, but if in 10 years FIAT takes a shit, I'll have something to lean on.

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We already get paid to vote, but people don't engage the system in a democratic capacity. The least one can do is vote, getting involved is another subject

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My friend had a job teaching old people how to use their iPhones and computers (they don't use Windows or Android: too complex).

Maybe twenty years ago (I think I was in my mid-40’s at the time), my mom (about 70 then) decided that she wanted to get a computer. I tried to talk her into getting a Mac since it would be easier for her, but she got a Windows-based computer “on sale” somewhere.

So I became her default tech support.

I was never able to convince her that storing files somewhere other than the desktop might be a good idea. Try as I might, she never really understood the concept of folders, let alone a hierarchy of them.

And then one day she bought a printer and decided to set it up herself. After struggling with it for several hours, called me for help. Her over-the-phone explanation of her woes made little sense so I ended up making the 30-minute drive to my parents’s house. (My dad was even less computer savvy).

Um, mom. Your computer’s plugged in and working fine. Your printer’s plugged in and working fine. Where’s the cable that connects them? Oh, still in the box?

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Yup. It’s basically either let them do the Great Reset their way, or we figure out really fast how to create our own better Great Reset. The future is technology, data, and it’s inevitable, but what matters is who’s in charge of it.
I personally think Hive is the natural next step in evolution of our species, because it’s a more direct form of democracy, with the way the witnesses are. The ability for us to change our votes at any time, rather than waiting for an election, could also be very powerful.
I think the next step would then actually be a form of self governance, using a form of smart contracts.

Man this level of anxiety coming with a transfer... even now after I did hundreds of transfers, also considering myself IT proficient. Come on I was launching FIFA 95 with MS-DOS commands when I was 10yo :D
But still I shit my pants after triple checking all the info of my transfer !
I just can't imagine how the "I'm not a cat" people will be able to survive to what's coming.

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That's incredible! I saw the recording a few days ago and couldn't stop laughing.

"I'm not a cat!" Really? :D

what makes it even more funny is how concerned the cats face was. and it is also scary how it works.

Wow...I couldn’t have said it better. We have this huge economic divide between the rich, our rulers and the majority of Americans, plus now this huge technological divide, which will or is or has created another huge divide....’s what’s for dinner.

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