Today I will be grateful and not stressed

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Hive crossed 1$ and to think I slept with it around $0.6 right? Look at where we are now. I am yet to check the estimated worth of my wallet cause today is set to be a stressful day and I'm struggling with time already.


Work starts today

We last wore our ward coats and went to work in August. Some of us stayed around to help for a little longer but gradually everyone stopped working.

Today after many deaths and illnesses nationwide, some doctors have decided to go back to work.

I will have to work very hard to fit in all I can into my schedule and keep up with my long-distance relationship. The stress gets to me I can't lie.

What would the perfect condition be for me?

What that would look like is something like what @galenkp lives out.

He asked me to imagine working on my own terms. Saving lives on my own terms...

I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

Plans to blog

I want to keep up with my blogging rate. when I wake up, I check posts from when I see feeds to 2 hours before and try to be contented with that.

I want to keep waking up by 5am cause this is what I learned from it's like I am living life with him right beside know?

New department

Today I am moving to pediatrics where we take care of the country's children. I did pediatric surgery some months back so I have a bit of experience with them.

Glad we could have this talk!!