70+% Of Children Say They Rarely Or Never Pay Attention To Nature

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Months ago, we have posted about Silicon Valley execs enrolling their kids in no-tech schools and restricting their time on the internet because the digital world is nothing like it seems. We are not talking of being a news junkie here, although this too can cause "burn-outs", and sometimes we all need to stay away a couple of days every now and then to recharge our emotional battery, but all the gaming world that so many kids (and also adults) are sucked into.

These games have become so sophisticate that they easily can replace our 3D reality and cause users to become insensitive to what is happening in the real world. The fact that kids pay less and less attention to nature should ring the alarm bell.

To us, it just is another clue as to how society is being trained to accept the AI takeover in the making. Millennials fighting for climate change (even if deeply misguided because the real issue is our massive pollution) have no backup obviously, as the generation after them shows little to no interest in learning about Nature.

While cyber games have been available for several decades already, their purpose is finally becoming self-evident. They go well far beyond the "addiction" as they also prepare an entire very young generation to accept virtual reality as the only reality.

And this is really frightening in itself because regardless of what we do today for the environment will face a dire threat in 20-25 years from now. Ditto, we just have connected a few more dots: these kids are groomed to represent the rising generation of Artilects that may someday decide our fate!

The Rise of DNA Data Storage And The Artilect War https://steemit.com/philosophy/@earthcustodians/the-rise-of-dna-data-storage-and-the-artilect-war


Britons 'missing out' on daily dose of nature, says National Trust | February 2020 | More than 70% of children say they rarely or never watch clouds, butterflies and bees, a survey said. It also found that most adults had rarely or never listened to birdsong or smelled wild flowers in the past year. A study found people who regularly connect with nature were more likely to help tackle the crisis facing wildlife. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51653850

It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies (2016)


Here is an idea.

Send your kids outside to play. Kids learn a lot about the world and about socialization when they are outside playing with other kids.

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