The World War 3 GENERATIONS... You are living in it.

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I have over the years often considered the fact that we may already be in World War 3. It increasingly seems as though it is happening all around us. It didn't manifest in the form of a thermonuclear explosion, or hordes of troops crossing the borders. It occurred in a way that has never happened before. It is happening. It has been happening. Most of us are losing. It is easy to lose when you don't even know you should be fighting.


During history so many aspects of war were limited by the speed and range of communication. A radio could only travel so far. You had to go to special buildings, special locations, to communicate over long distance. This could be in the form of a courier by horse, then by telegraph, then by radios. Eventually it would be by telephones but even then you had to physically travel to somewhere with a phone. Many houses didn't even have phones. Phone booths that you paid money to use were a common thing until a couple of decades ago.

I suspect that greatly impacted warfare and the ambitions of would be war mongers.

Now we are in an era where vast amounts of the population walk around with a communication device in their pocket, or on their wrist that can communicate with other people with similar devices anywhere on the planet at virtually instantaneous speeds. When it comes to communication the concept of distance has been removed.

Reach out and speak to someone... Reach out and touch someone... Reach out and have someone "touched"...

We are in an era where transportation relatively speaking is far faster than ever before.

In this era we have people that own homes and property in many different places around the world. They can likely reach any of them within a day if they need to no matter where they are.

We are in an era where if you own these many properties then you need not feel patriotism towards one nation, one location, etc. For such people the idea of citizenship is purely something on paper that might add or remove obstacles. If things go bad in one place they can easily travel to one of their other homes.

We have rapid and pervasive communication and by extension monitoring of the population. We have rapid travel to virtually anywhere on the planet.

I think that World War 3 began some time ago. It is not so much a war between nations though they try to keep us focused on that traditional way of looking at things.

It is a war of those without nations, beholden to none, etc. against those of us that are still constrained within nations and the system these people control.

If you take the time to think about it your perspective on everything likely shifts quite dramatically when you are not tied to a specific state, specific piece of property, or specific nation. You will be free in a sense that overwhelming majority of people in the world will never experience.

How do you insure that future?

What are your ambitions if some of your struggles no longer are the struggles of other people?

What do you do when you don't really have to work anymore unless you choose to, don't have to worry about food, don't have to worry about shelter, and don't feel tied down by the laws of one territory?

Whatever you want? You might get bored without such challenges... what then?

Drugs? Okay so let's say you've made it past the drugs phase. What then?

Play a little strategy game with the populations of the world maybe? Decide something is a score worth tracking and compare it to people in similar circumstance to yourself? Try to get the high score or rate high on the leaderboard?

Who are the pieces in the game? Other people, Nations, Towns, Companies, etc. How much can you influence them?

"Never let a good crisis go to waste."

Especially the crisis that you intentionally create...

For some time we had increasing studies on psychology and how to control, how to trigger responses, and how to manipulate. Some of this has gone back to the times of Machiavelli and beyond, while other aspects of it arose around the World War 2 time frame with the introduction of the practiced methodology for propaganda.

Many countries were using it during World War 2. It was invented in the United States but during that time it was the Germans and the Nazi (National Socialist German Workers Party) that elevated the application.

The aspects of divide and conquer.

The aspects of getting the mass population to believe lies.

The aspects of dehumanizing targets you need to remove so they don't interfere with your plans.

The aspects of quick application of scapegoats to blame for your own actions.

The application of the false flag. (Causing an event that is scary and blaming it on your enemies)

The recruiting people from nations to fight against their own nation.

The proving that you can convince the masses to commit atrocities and they will do so because you have dehumanized the targets, put fear in them that if they do not they will be a target, or for some the typical "just doing my job", or "just following orders".

World War 3

I am increasingly convinced we have been fighting world war 3 for some time. It is a war happening with propaganda, manipulation, and in the minds of people. It transcends the concept of nations.

It is about those that are not bound by nations anymore manipulating and controlling those of us that still are constrained by such things.

Nothing works better than fear.

Nothing works better than giving that fear a target to hate.

Nothing works better than telling people they are attacking something when it is actually they themselves that fit the description of what they claim to be fighting.

People don't want to look into the mirror.

Turn them into the villains but tell them they are fighting the villains and they will gladly fight because they don't bother to look into the mirror.

In the United States as one of the leeches, riders, pork, whatever you choose to call it that was attached to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 there were things that removed some of the restrictions against using propaganda against the U.S. Citizens. This was designed to counter some of the Smith-Mundt Act. The NDAA is what pays our military every year. It is not unusual for things to get attached to very important bills and essentially hold it hostage. It essentially amounts to "If you don't let us attach X to this bill we won't pass Y." X often is something VERY BAD that cannot pass on its own merit. Yet Y will be something very important such as the NDAA, Stimulus Bill, Infrastructure Bill, etc.

If you don't agree then those holding hostage for X will claim that the NDAA is not passing because of your party blocking it. In reality it is not passing because people refused to pay the ransom.

However, during this day and age the politicians are too afraid to risk that. This is especially important if the bill has some emotionally important sounding title like "For the People" bill. (That particular bill I personally call the "F' the People" bill because that is what is actually does.)

They keep dumbing down education. They don't teach critical thinking for a reason.

By doing this the population becomes easier to manipulate, easier to make react to stupid titles rather than the content of the bills themselves, easy to make attack targets that have been dehumanized/cancelled/scapegoated, and easier to turn into essentially zombies that attack whatever they want them to attack and believe whatever they want them to believe.

They have taken it so far that they use the label "science" all over the place for things that are not remotely scientific. Things that completely violate the scientific method. Yet thanks to dumbing down the education people do not know this. Thus, they get away with it.

People have been conditioned to know "science" is important. Thus, they hear the label and they immediately put whatever it was attached to into the "Do not challenge, do not question, and attack the character of anyone that does".

They escalate the technique. They can simply say they are fighting "Misinformation". People today eat that up and say "Okay, great, sign me up!" Yet really what they just said is "We are going to censor, we are going to ban, and we are going to perform the digital and sometimes physical equivalence of book burning. We are going to dehumanize."

Yet without a decent education in critical thinking and a true practiced understanding of things like Appeal to Authority Fallacies, Argument from Popularity Fallacies (aka Bandwagon), and Argument from Emotion Fallacies people become susceptible to all of those things. If you are trained in critical thinking it is hard to turn on a news story on the television today from any major network and not be inundated by awareness of such fallacies.

If you don't know how to identify them then they are VERY effective propaganda tools.

It is also incremental. They get people to take one step in a direction, then another, then another, and in the process they lead them to a destination that if they had told the person that is where they were going at the beginning they would likely have said "Oh, hell no!" yet when they take them there one step at a time they don't even notice. They can lead you from a place where racism was the lowest it likely ever was in U.S. history to a place where it is rampant, they are reversing civil rights, they are teaching discrimination, and they are pushing hate while claiming to be fighting hate speech and racists... It's one of those seriously "Look into the mirror" moments.

Now as to the NDAA 2012 and propaganda. That happened a little bit before we first started hearing about Black Lives Matter. I think most of that is propaganda and designed to create hate and division.

Why do I think this? I do think the events that people are angry about and reporting related to Black Lives Matter happened. I also think black lives do matter. I think ALL lives matter. I also think those events should not have occurred. Though many of them the narrative the mainstream/legacy chooses to push is not accurate. It still works. People treat it as truth. They do not question. It fits what they want to be true to justify their actions and beliefs. Propaganda systems count on this.

I do not believe the events occur in remotely close to the statistics that the media likes to push. It is being over amplified to a large degree. If you actually stop, and dig deep you'll see for yourself.

I don't hate anyone that I am aware of with one exception. There is a type of person I hate. Only one that I can think of. I call them the willfully ignorant. They are people that realize what they have been believing is wrong, yet rather than change and adapt they keep pushing the message they know is wrong. These are the only people I personally hate.

If I disagree with someone. It is NEVER because of race. It is NEVER because of gender. It is because I disagree with an idea. Assuming it is race, or gender makes the person assuming that into the racist, and sexist. The assumption didn't happen in my mind. It happened in the mind of someone focused on race and gender. That is not me.

Stage 2 Propaganda USA

Now I pointed out the NDAA 2012. We still had some propaganda restrictions. As of December, 2016 via Executive Order during his last month in office President Barak Obama removed the last remaining restrictions.

If you were not paying attention you may not have noticed the dramatic escalation of propaganda techniques across media... virtually everywhere.

It was insane, intense, and it has not stopped...

Propaganda 101: Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.
Propaganda 102: Accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty.

World War 3 is happening. We, the regular nation locked people are losing. They have us divided and fighting among each other. They are forcing us into medical experimentations often against our will which is very much a violation of the codes that came out of the Nuremberg trials. They can get around some abuses against the law simply by dehumanizing portions of the populations and manipulating other portions of the population to attack the dehumanized group.

They get the people who are accepting the propaganda programming to do their dirty work for them. "Burn the witches!!!", "Burn the unvaccinated!!!", "Burn the deniers!!!", which sounds a lot like "Burn the Jews!".

Someone unvaccinated dies... Media messaging: "Good they deserve it they were stupid"

Yet they make the people that are the target overreact too and let's say a vaccinated person dies... Unvaccinated messaging: "Good they were a puppet for the tyrants!"

Divide and conquer...

Those that are not nation locked don't care if we attack each other. They revel in it. It creates opportunities for them to exploit. It gives them some excitement in their potentially unchallenged life.

They can leave a country that collapses, wait for recovery, destroy another, and move elsewhere.


There has been a push for globalism and the concept of a one world government. Many people think this would be a good idea. Hypothetically there are cases where it might not be bad. Yet if you follow the actions and what steps are being done it is not any of the Hypothetically good situations.

The United Nations is a good example of where they seem to be taking it... A lot of people may think "So what, that sounds good?"

When was the last time any of you ever voted on or elected someone to the United Nations? Answer: Never

Do you understand that this makes it more of an Oligarchy than anything positive?

It is pushing to be a global government and you don't have any say on who your leaders are. You don't have any mechanism to remove them, replace them, etc. None of that power or authority rests with the people that the United Nations rules over.

Is that truly what you want for a World Government?

(Image Source:

To push this agenda cause strife, create crisis of many types all over the place, keep the populations of the world afraid and angry, and keep them from seeing who the true enemy is. If they are fighting among themselves, economies are imploding, nations are failing, etc. The United Nations will rush to the rescue. They will be your new leaders and save the day.

(Image source:

What do they have to do to save the day? Easy. Tell their propaganda outlets to start trying to unify rather than divide. Stop pushing the fear. Reduce the narrative about how bad things are. Stop manipulating in many areas they are manipulating. The world would dramatically improve rapidly.

They would seem like heroes for simply stopping the actions they are currently doing.


This is known as the Hegelian Dialectic and it is at the core of the war that has been happening around us for some time.

What can we do about it?

Honestly. I don't know. My hope is by getting more people to think for themselves rather than blindly trusting entities, agencies, labels, politicians, scientists, and celebrities that we become more difficult to manipulate.

If enough of us are AWAKE (not woke!) then perhaps we can turn some of these things around.

Some people may be fine with being sheep in the pins and the play things of the nationless. I personally am not.

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Peep this DB, it took me a while to dig this up, but your article reminded me of it. It's only a couple of minutes; Skip ahead to 72:33, and AJ introduces it as "21st century, fifth-generational, unrestricted warfare." I think I'll chop it up and put it on streamable too. The food as a weapon and shipping crate price jack from 3-to-20k is very eye-opening as well!

In many ways, you echo something I have long believed to be likely: WWIII would not be about bombs and explosions and guns and flag waving... but a war for control of the narratives and influences, independently of people's nationalities and locations. It seems to me that the new "nations" have less to do with geography than with affiliations.

Sure, there might always be struggles for resources, but the nature of what we consider "resources" is changing... people's brains become more and more important while their brawn fades into the background as increasingly irrelevant. Or maybe not irrelevant, but people's willingness to "fight for something" is perhaps — in the functional sense — determined more by Dunbar's Number than by borders and flags.

Perhaps the only thing we can do is to be AWAKE and BRAVE enough to simply point out when the proverbial "Emperor" is wearing no clothes.

Interesting article; pause for thought — thank you!


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Good reply. I tend to just post what pops in my head that I can tell I need to write. :)

A lot of questions. A lot of different possible explanations and ideas.

There definitely seems to be some incentive for the media to stoke division in the population: us vs. them, red vs. Blue, left vs. right

Yes, they certainly condition us to exist within false dichotomies don't they?

Well we must have been in it for a long time without but from where I am from it has been a war for the youth endsars and other violence plonge against us by our government we have been in the cold war, more like a warm war althrough this season

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A lot of the "powerful" places have interfered in all of the other countries. The Nationless can benefit from the strife in some places. Though they seem to prefer it happen in places they don't plan to live.