Can you hear the cultists chant? It goes like this "fear... fear... fear... obey... fear... fear... fear... obey..."

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I've spoken about fear porn and how it is being pushed by the politicians, celebrities, and mainstream propaganda outlets. In fact they censor you if you challenge the fear. You cannot challenge the fear. If they can keep people afraid they can manipulate them and make them give up their rights for the illusion of security.


I live in Missouri. A few nights ago my mother in Colorado called and asked "Are you guys in a tornado?" I told her we are in a "Tornado Watch" which means the conditions exist in my area for Tornados. They have happened where I moved to before. I pull up a Severe Weather Warning website and app occasionally. I tend to know if it changes. If it changes to a "Tornado Warning" then that means an actual tornado has been sighted in my area or on radar. This didn't happen. My daughters were in an area with a Tornado Warning about an hour north of me. The big tornado in Arkansas and Kentucky was a couple of hours drive south of me. Maybe longer than that. I live almost in the middle of the state of Missouri.


Tornados happen. They have happened throughout known history in this region and other regions. It is part of living here. We used to simply call that weather. The Farmer's Almanac tended to report trends as well.



Now days if anything that happens that can be used to push fear it instantly becomes "Climate Change".


The pushing of Climate Change is a con. NOTE: I did not say the pushing of Global Warming. I said the pushing of Climate Change. Global cooling is climate change, Global warming is climate change yet they are opposites. When they stopped using the label "Global Warming" and changed to "Climate Change" they rigged the game. They can never be wrong because the climate changes, has changed, and will continue to change.

Now they will say that it is Anthropogenic Climate Change (manmade climate change).

Sure our actions can cause changes in areas. If you ever live in a city you'll likely at some point experience the heat island as the mass amount of heat absorbed by the huge amounts of pavement and cement is released in the afternoon. This is a form of solar energy.

If you seriously actually research the greenhouse effect, climate, physics, weather, chemistry, biology, etc. you will likely begin to see some major problems with the narrative that is being pushed.

Currently there are only two websites that I tend to think do a pretty good job on the Climate Change subject:


Watts Up With That



Climate Depot

They have many contributors but they do not censor people. They do not hide their data behind paywalls or walls of educational elitism where only certain people can see the data. They consider alternative explanations. They compare them.

They like most people see the Sun as the primary driving force that explains the changes in the climate. Their observations and collected data have more accurately reflected what has happened in the last 12 years or so that "Global Warming" and then "Climate Change" began being pushed as a major fear.

People go crazy... Let's blame them losing their minds on climate change.
A hurricane hits. Let's blame it on climate change.
An earthquake happens. It is climate change.
People are looting. It is due to climate change.
Food prices are higher. It is due to climate change.

The coasts will be under the water as the arctic melts within the next 5 years. Yes, that was one of many such predictions (moving goal posts as they fail to manifest or match observable data) that have made this claim. Yet the same people pushing the fear of this then build lavish mansions and buy expensive property on the COAST. You would think they wouldn't do that if it is in danger of being under water.

They also tell everyone else to reduce carbon consumption while their carbon footprint is much larger than all the people they are making dictates and mandates for.

Do as they say, not as they do. Similar to passing mandates for vaccines but saying Congress is exempt.

The common denominator is FEAR...

Fear has been potentially the most effective control and manipulation factor in history as far as I can tell.

The major atrocities usually begin by making someone afraid and then gradually adding requirements towards easing that fear. This has occasionally resulted in genocide or mass murder because over time that was justified due to fear.

The weather happens.

Earthquakes happen.

If these things are abnormally occurring (which they are not) then report that. Take the data. Look for explanations. Use the scientific method. Don't pull out the bible of your new modern religion and immediately say "It is due to Climate Change" or the other chapter "It is due to COVID".

Put the fear aside. Look at the data. Compare models. Receive challenges. Consider them. If the challenges make more sense then use that model instead. In science EVERYTHING is challengeable and questionable. There is no CONSENSUS that is free from challenge in the scientific method. That is an aspect of religion/dogma. As soon as it can't be challenged it ceases to be science as it is no longer following the scientific method. If a person speaking happens to have a degree in a scientific field that does not make their claims immediately into science. It is only science if it follows the scientific method. If it doesn't follow the scientific method it is not science REGARDLESS of the human speaking about it.

Climate change is fear porn. It is being used to manipulate and control. The actions and things people are pushing for could cause some problems.


Historically there have been times in history with significantly more carbon. We also had a lush and green planet. People with greenhouses occasionally pump higher levels of CO2 into the greenhouse because it produces much more plants and plant growth. Why would this not be the case with the planet?

Plants in turn produce oxygen.

Why do they think dinosaurs, insects, and life in general once was much larger in size. Higher oxygen, and pressure due to atmospheric pressure.

Consider that the world was greener and more conducive to life...

What might happen if we pull too much CO2 out of the atmosphere? Less plant growth? Declining oxygen? Browning planet?

It is not guaranteed but it is a logical proposition and worth considering.

If the models blaming mankind and carbon are WRONG which if you look at the accuracy of their predictions to date and explaining the past they fail badly... then acting as though they are accurate might be a bad thing?

Stop being afraid.

When you encounter people trying to make you afraid and telling you to BELIEVE THEM, TRUST THEM, and not ask questions... fight back!!!

Fight back!!!


If you feel like they are trying to make you afraid then maybe that is a sign you should REALLY pay attention, do some research, and be brave enough to ask questions. If they tell you that you cannot ask questions then they should not be trusted.

If daring to question and want answers is misinformation then you should begin to see the lies for what they are. FEAR. MANIPULATION. CONTROL.

Stop being afraid. Fear is something to face, not to cower and hide from.

Have you ever wondered why they don't teach Aesop's fables and so many other things any longer? They likely will say it is due to racism but things like Aesop's fables predate the United States by a long time.


Perhaps people will fail to learn the lesson from the one with Chicken Little and the case of "The Sky is falling"...

Or "The boy who cried wolf".

It certainly seems like there are a lot of people that have forgotten the lessons in such stories and fables..