Climate Science: Let the Data Speak

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Climate Intelligence (CLINTEL) is an independent foundation that operates in the fields of climate change and climate policy. CLINTEL was founded in 2019 by emeritus professor of geophysics Guus Berkhout and science journalist Marcel Crok. CLINTEL's main objective is to generate knowledge and understanding of the causes and effects of climate change as well as the effects of climate policy.
Climate Intelligence (CLINTEL)

A few days ago, I watched this video published by the Friends of Science channel on Youtube. Most of our perceptions on climate are coloured concerning a narrative generated by the UN body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a government-sponsored body. This narrative is supported by computer models predicting future trends in temperature. The CLINTEL group is a body of international scientists interpreting future trends of climate using actual data. One of the problems of the models is that none of them had predicted the decline in temperatures in recent years.

Another prediction is that plants will do less well with increases in CO2. It must be true because they want to lower CO2 levels to less than pre-Industrial levels. This paper - Is photosynthetic enhancement sustained through three years of elevated CO2 exposure in 175-year-old Quercus robur? has no difficulty countering the issues raised by the IPCC.