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Here's my Wednesday #freewrite entry hosted by @marianneWest and supported by the #freewriters community.

Starting Now
So today's prompt word if beeper. Hehe...
I remember being in highschool looking at an advertisement in Maxim Magazine for a new beeper. That's a fun memory.

The advertised was promoting how small it was. It's insane to imagine that back then smaller was the selling point. I remember looking at my fingers holding the measurement spacing, and imaging how small that was. I was wow. I sat in class pondering how I could earn the money to buy it.

That's a funny thought in today's world. Never would have imagined being able to create a blog, on a cell phone. Honestly I would've never imagined owning a cell phone. It actually took me a while to buy one. I didn't see the need. I had my MCI long distance card. Who needed it.. Haha wow. Love the flash back.
End of freewrite

I've been blessed to live through so many advances. It's crazy to imagine that before my generation, technology had a fifty year advancement average. People spent an entire life using the same technology. Yet during my lifetime. I've gotten to see so much.

I remember my dad being hesitant to buy a microwave. The commotion that came with him bringing home the first microwave. Up till then, the connection oven, was out fanciest item. Unfortunately, that first microwave oven ended with me placing a metal pan, and it slicing a hole through the back of the device. Luckily it somehow didn't explode, and I'll able to tell the story decades later.

We've gotten so use to technological changes occurring, that we've forgotten that the current speed of change is in itself an advancement. Imagine eight tracks or record players still being the main source of music. 😆

I think of all the technologies I've been able to experience. I remember jogging with a cassette player. Yet I heard a motivational speaker talking about driving around with a portable record player. Imagine....

What a great time to live through. I honestly remember going to Good-Will and buying a record player as a kid. I thought it was so cool. I had a record of the coca cola jingle, that I would play everyday. I sang along with that jingle, back then I knew every word to it.

Now we were a poor family, so the record player was pretty much out of style. Yet to me, it was the coolest. I remember waiting for my dad to give me a birthday gift. I'm not sure if I done something wrong, or he was just broke. Several days after my birthday though, he surprised me with a boombox. I probably drove my parents crazy. Playing my single song cassette over and over and over again. My stack of blank cassettes ready to record my favorite songs.

That was when you had to time it just right, so you could skip the DJ's voice. You braced yourself to hit record. I will admit to having my secret VCR tape. The one that I kept hidden away from my parents. The same one with all my favorite scenes from certain movies. The ones I wasn't supposed to watch. You know like Species and other movies. 👼

Those were the days when my dad would come home with the newest Blockbuster rental. It was the only time we spent with my our dad. Sitting in the living room watching Beverly Hills Cop or Short circuit. Sitting as a family, watching the newest episode of Quantum Leap. Eating popcorn we cooked in the stove. The kind that came in the aluminum tin, and was heated over the stove. I can still hear the sound of the metal disposable pan, rubbing against the metal burner cover. Followed by the popcorn popping, and the aluminum inflated into a bubble. Steam recapping from the top.

For me that's a concept I miss. There weren't as many distractions back then. Yet I still have friends that have that family bond in their homes. I honestly admire them for it. Somehow I disconnected from that old-school value. Our culture of urgency seems to be set against it. Though I realize, that I was the one that let it go. I allowed myself to be distanced. Now how to you recreate something you allowed to dissipate.

Thank you for sharing with me. If you've been able to keep that family time in your lives. I salute you. I hope you never let it go. No matter how hard life hits you. God Bless.

As the storm that has been the begining of this year dies down. I've been getting little chances to enjoy life. Little reminders of what I've been missing. Last Sunday life handed me a sweet reminder of Living. I invite you to share that day with me with the post below.

Reflecting on an unexpectedly Blessed day
The picture was taken on Sunday with my One+7 Pro



Wonderful memories in this writing @dreamingirwin ! I'm also happy to have lived these times and feel blessed and rich of that 😉

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So amazing picture👏👏🖤:)

Thank you