What's The Deal With Mukbang?

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The success of the food network, along with thousands of other food programs, books, and websites etc, tells us that people like to watch and talk about all things food.

They don't just like to watch it being prepared either, they also thoroughly enjoy simply watching other people eat too.

What Is Mukbang?

Mukbang is a growing trend that comes from South Korea and has been growing across YouTube and other social media platforms.

The mukbang trend has captured the interest of many people online, the term translates into "eating broadcast," and the popularity of this content has now grown to encompass thousands of YouTube videos and channels. You can find people eating a variety of items with the most popular mukbang items being things like:

  • candied grapes
  • honeycomb
  • aloe vera
  • mochi
  • sea grapes

The mukbang trend has brought along with it a growing interest for ASMR-related content as well. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is characterized by the tingling sensation you get on your skin when you might hear certain sounds. People like the sounds of tapping, chewing, clicking of nails, whispering, and so on. Many mukbang videos online also market themselves as ASMR content too.

Some mukbang channels now have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and can make anywhere from $10,000 per month or more; some websites enable fans to pay their favorite mukbangers with virtual currency that they can buy with fiat.

The Cost

Those who are putting out this content are binge eating large and mostly unhealthy quantities of food at their own risk for the financial payoff. And for some they admit that they don't mind the cost, they feel that the consequences are obviously worth it.

Recent research also suggests that popular YouTube stars might be inspiring children to eat more unhealthy snacks and foods by influencing them to copy what they see online.

Some have faced controversy over accusations that they aren't being honest about what gets eaten in the videos. They have been accused of editing the video to hide away efforts to eat less. Yes, there are some people who have concerned themselves with that.

Why Are People So Interested?

There are many reasons that have been suggested for why this might be a growing trend today.

For one, it's been said that eating is a social activity for most and many people today feel lonely and spend a lot of time eating at home, watching these videos online could be their way of connecting with others and feeling a little less lonely.

Some others might be watching the content because it relaxes them, offers them connection as well, and could even inspire them to lose weight by indulging in the videos of people eating their favorite junk food rather than them doing it themselves.

One odd turn that this trend has taken though is now parents are looking to get into the opportunity to monetize the eating habits of their children, looking to create mukbang content by having their kids eat enormous amounts of food and posting that content online for all to see.

Some individuals have had to stop filming mukbang videos altogether after they suffered negative health consequences as a result. But many still carry on, eating such large quantities of unhealthy food that you have to wonder how they still seem to be functioning as well as they are, but we might not know the full story.


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A new trend in entertainment that flirts or encourages the promise of money. Being paid to compromise your health. What do we value? Apparently money and fame over our health and life. Thanks.

for some unfortunately

thx for the comment and stopping by!

Like all things ASMR there are those that "get it" and those that dont. Same with mukbang. And let me say there are as many "styles" as there are types of music. I did a lot of ASMR and mukbang. I enjoyed it and so did my viewers, but I had my own style not like many others. Sadly I had many different YouTube channels like for photography ASMR cooking...but YT changed the rules for monetization, so only my main channel qualified so I deleted all the others.

Anyways I found there are some folks that were lonely perhaps that like to share a meal with me. That is how I looked at it, like sharing a meal with a friend.

Here is one I put on my main channel to explain mukbang. It got 2870 views lol. I have thought about trying some on Dtube.

love this! thanks for commenting and sharing more about it! :)

My pleasure. :D

Mukbang sounds like the next tribe or the first great smt token in the steem ecosystem 😁😁😁

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@doitvoluntarily, Don't know into which thing world is converting. Sometimes it's fun to watch what is becoming new Trend. Stay blessed.

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Everyday these TV shows demonstrate just how much we are devolving as a species. I'm surprised they haven't come out with a show featuring cannibalism.