ACLU Sues Over Social Media Monitoring

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The ACLU has sued the Chicago police over their alleged social media monitoring activities. They want the department to turn over records that relate to a team that was allegedly formed last year, tasked with monitoring social media activities.

If they do not hand over those documents then they are looking for the court to compel that information to be given, in response to public records requests.

“CPD’s record on respecting personal privacy is abysmal,.. With that history, CPD must provide public records that answer basic questions about why the city is monitoring social media accounts, who has access to the information collected, and how the information is being used.” - A. Bushweller, attorney representing the ACLU of Illinois said in a statement via wgntv.

Today activitism can be found taking place both on the streets and online. Not only that but there are also a number of crimes that people film themselves doing and posting about, such as those who post videos of them harassing animals in Hawaii. These aren't the only things you find people posting about.

Just recently, it was reported that the Tulsa Police Department had arrested a suspect after they commented on the police Facebook page on a post that was detailing 'most wanted suspects'. It has been reported that this comment lead to her arrest.

Police are not new to using social media today, but in this case with the ACLU they want to know what information is being collected, such as why the city is monitoring social media accounts, or who might have access to the data that gets collected. How is that data on those who they are watching online being used? These are some of the questions that they would like answers to. In response however, the police have suggested that handing over such records could jeopardize effectiveness of their efforts.


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