Adaptability of the giant cucumber (Cumis sativus L.) crop and its characteristics.

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Agriculture as a human activity involves the exploitation of the natural environment, seeking to produce crops that generate high yields in a shorter time, i.e., short-cycle crops, which is why it is necessary to establish crops that have these characteristics.

Short-cycle crops, as well as their nutrition, also need an adequate edaphic substrate, that is, physical, chemical and biological factors, in addition to optimal climatic conditions to ensure the natural genetic expression of each species or variety.

On the other hand, traditional agricultural production aims to work the soil resource to the maximum through the establishment of monocultures without crop rotation, whether perennial or short-cycle, such as vegetables. This traditional agricultural model limits the diversification of productive units, which is essential to generate income for small and medium producers, thus satisfying the food and nutritional needs of their family environment and consumers.

On the other hand, the productive means should be oriented to be comprehensive and diversified, producing a range of crops that develop in natural and optimal soil and climatic conditions, in order to achieve high yields of different items.

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The cucumber has a high level of consumption, it is also within the daily diet, representing an alternative for farmers to obtain income, but it is also noteworthy that this has several potential food because it is very low in calories, carbohydrates, and high in fiber, as well as vitamins A and B.

This vegetable has a particular characteristic because its growth is accelerated when the conditions are given, so it needs a lot of water in abundance because it has an accumulation of biomass and a shallow root system.div>

This crop is very easy to grow and represents an economic alternative for the farmer. To achieve this purpose, it is necessary that its sowing is staggered in order to maintain a constant presence in almost every month of the year, taking better advantage of the seasonality of prices to increase more sowing areas.

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Botanical description of cucumber:

Root: It has a strong root that can reach 1 - 1.20 m long, branching in several directions mainly in the first 25 to 30 cm away from the ground.

Stem: We can say that they are creeping and with tendrils, and are determined with a main axis that starts the different branches that arise laterally and mainly at the base and is 30 cm from the ground.

Leaf: the leaves are dark green, are very opposite to the tendrils. They have 3 to 5 angular and triangular lobes, and do not resist excessive evaporation.

Flower: We can say that it is a monoecious plant, which has a cross-pollination, ie two sexes on the same plant. We can also get in some cases hermaphrodite flowers. The leaves and petals are of an intense yellow color.

The pollination process takes place in the flower and is carried out by bees, but if there is insufficient pollination, it will produce deformations in the vegetable and it will not be marketable.

Fruit:The cucumber is elongated, green on the outside and white on the inside, it can measure between 15 and 35 cm in length. We can also mention that it is a fleshy fruit. It has many oval seeds of faint yellow color.

bibliography consulted:

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