The world inventions: The history and the case of the water bottle!

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Water is amazingly important in life, and much philosophy has been structured around it. And we know that living on earth is soil, air, fire and water. And humans have dwelled with these things through thousand of years, yes maybe more than that in addition!

We should use the water bottle many places to identify ourselves in the chaos that surrounds reality, and we should be strong and clear in our thoughts. When Was Bottled Water Created? Disposable water bottles were first distributed in America in 1767. They were created by Jackson's Spa in Boston, a company that believed in the therapeutic power of water. Rather than encouraging their clients to drink the water, they recommended bathing in it instead.

What about water, and what is water doing with us? It is important to find the love in life, and to clean a lady. That is also deep philosophy of life. And what is really water on the planet? We can see it from three different views. The first one in humility. That is what gives water the power in the world. We do not know about many things, but we need to learn in life, and to be humble. And learning and transformation can be learned from ourselves, and from other people. And as humans we can be busy, engaged and productive. And we determine ourselves our lifestyles, and what choices to make and to take. The second thing with the water is harmony. We have a flow around uso f people and of environments and of oceans. And we get harmony from the water, if we are without force and without conflicts. We should be humans as we are supposed to be, and we should live up to expectations, and stop fighting with ourselves, and find the solutions that are constructive and good on the planet. The third thing with the water is openness. In life, we should be open to learn, and we should do that to every time, and we should be open to change what to know and what to do just now. There are constant changes in the world, and we should refresh our skills with new knowledges, new perspectives, and new and better ways to do things we are dwelling with on the earth and in the universe. We can do everything what we want in life, and there are many fights and many things to learn. And the blood and the water is in human nature, therefore it is important in life. And philosophers have thought about this for a long time, and we find something about it in the books, but we need the relevant books to think in properly and in sensible ways. And we should not be too much engaged with stupid things, and with finding all possible bullshit in the places where we are, and instead we should be constructive, love each other, and finding solutions about what to do, how to do things, and we should ask ourselves why we are doing things as we are doing them.

We could take a glass of water when we need it in homes or in schools or in different private and in different public organizations where we are from time to time. The water is free, and we can fill our water bottles with clean and healthy water. But there is different quality on the water, so we need to know if the water we are putting on our water bottles is really good. We are many people on the planet that are drinking much water during the week. But we should be careful and conscious with making orientations about that the water is not polluted. So, the people on the planet should wake up, and find the problems and the solutions of different things with the water, and that is in public water infrastructure, and it is also in many other things where we have humans. So stand up and fight in your life, and find the best solutions that is possible, also with the water!

We can use the water bottles both at home, and when we are travelling. And the idea is to get clean and appropriate water so we are not getting thirsty!

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