Research and dreaming on research: On doing research in times with funny and pleasant times, and on enjoying time!

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We should always find the jobs that appreciate and fit us best possible. And research is always desired for people wondering about different things and different people, and research or a new search can be done n infinite number of times. And we should never get «NO» for something, because we should do what we feel individually, and not about what some persons are meaning about us, since there will always be different opinions about different issues.

We should always enjoy times, and we should have funny and pleasant times through all times. And stereotypes and imaginations can everybody of us do examinations about, and we should deny following people giving advice around ourselves, and we should use our competence and research background now, to explain many things! We can do everything, and what we are doing should we determine ourselves, and dissertation can we write without having acceptance among many families and many friends, but we should use ourselves, and the background from NHH is making us able and capable to explain the firms, and finding the philosophy and the nature in all firms in all countries in the business and in the private sector!

Opinions are coming and going, and I must define my life myself, and doing what I want in research. Research is about doing a new search on different things, and the research environments are with us all times, and research is something we dream of, and when we are awake, we are still in research, and all schools and all organizations on all levels, can be explained with using theories, methods and data in all environments, and we all details and big things can be explained using the literature. And we can speak to each other and to ourselves, but we do not like to get explanations on different things, because we know much more than other people. And we cannot find us in dictatorship, but we should have democracy and freedom in thinking, feeling and in actions, if we are operating according the laws and the rules. But we should not follow none competence and bad background. And all priests and boards should have competence, at least at the master level. The boards are defining the environments, but we should not follow opinions, but we should follow our own voice, and listen to Telenor and firms that have power.

The bad persons are found outside the competence environments, and we should have research and education at all levels to meet the requirements that are put different places. We should deny to be different places, if we are talked too much about, and we know that nonsense, opinions and unreflected views should not imprint our minds. We should know what to do, and why. And use your body and your nose to reveal what is going on, and neglect statements that you disagree within, and we should be normal as humans, and using our strongest and best talents about what to do, and why and how. We cannot have silly things around us, but we should be serious about things. And things we do not appreciate can be brought to trials, and everything we can dwell with should be in our heads in the organizations, and we cannot tolerate foolish opinions and poor knowledge environments! And we cannot be stupid in the media channels, but we should react on things, and having a serious brand personality everywhere. And bullying cannot be tolerated.

Research should always be done, and we cannot trust within principals and teachers. And doing the right things, and doing the things in right ways, are always good things to do. We should not follow bad statements about persons and organizations in life, but we should have status and be an opinion leader in many places. Learning different things and different persons are about cognitions, emotions and actions, and pleasure put away bad behavior and bad actions.

And conspiracies are bad behavior, and we should not believe in too many things in life with the religions, but we should use all the sciences to do and explain anything. And faiths will be revealed, and we should not use too much of them. The education and the research are given us opportunities, and we cannot be proud of using closed and beliefs about too many things. We are using religions in many things, and the bad things are that these things are used to explain everything.

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