On raining in new patterns from the sky; Clustering effects of the rain water and coming into the sky!

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You know, we are getting much rain somewhere on the globe, and other places there are drought circumstances. And we should analyze the rain patterns, and find why something is happening just as it is happening.

The rain pattern nowadays at the world, implies that the sky and the rain that is coming is clustering itself to few areas than before, but these areas contain more rain on a smaller area than before. We cannot agree in anything that is done in aggression against us, and we should win the academic wars unless whom we are fighting against, and that does not matter, but it is stupid, since we have many leaders with us, and we are making research reports from them in a cheap way! So love us!

So, the new pattern with raining in rainy days, that is due to the global warming, and what this warming has implied for the climate different places, also in Darfur! And we are expecting that there will be rainy days in June, July, August and September this year. So, the drought is not wanted many places, and it implies that one cannot do all farming operations with vegetables and animals. But there where is wet, we are having in too much wet! So, this meant that we have a new cluster of the rain water in the world, and maybe it has also been so in earlier years and periods of time.

Major storms are becoming more common, leaving destruction across our area. CBS2's Lonnie Quinn looks at what's causing this change in the forecast, and several places need environmental protection. Many of us watch the weather with a different eye these days. It seems more often than not a forecast of rain or snow turns into a major event. All you have to do is look at the precipitation extremes of the last several years. So, we are looking on more narrow areas than earlier that it is fallen down rain, and the new structure with much rain on few areas, that is the new trend!

So, we must put research in the weather conditions and the weather forecasts, where we should analyze what happened in the past and why, and what we see the weather as we see it today, both present and in the future. And we should do careful examinations, and researchers can be unequal to the processes and the results, just as also other people feel their mood from time to time and from place to place.

"It's along the lines of when it rains, it pours," David Robinson, New Jersey's State Climatologist at Rutgers University, told Quinn. "Excessive precipitation events have become more common over the last two decades or so. You can look back in the Northeast to Floyd in '99, Irene was a major event in 2011, and of course, Ida in September 1st of 2021."

What are the projections for future rainfall? Models suggest most of the world will have a 16-24% increase in heavy precipitation intensity by 2100. In other, words, heavy rain is likely to get heavier. You can see this in several figures which are trying to measure what is going on. And working with the rainy days and the weather is about concepts, measures and managing from day to day. Models are a representation of the reality, but it is not just the reality as the reality is, because there are also changes in the weather conditions, and these things imply that there will not always be the weather as was claimed by the weather forecast. Unlike average annual precipitation, almost the entire world is expected to see an increase in extreme precipitation as it warms. And people in business life and in the organizations are critical to much research, and they are just leaving the meetings, if things are unclear, and they are just getting confused about the antecedents, the processes and the outcomes with the weather.

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