On living the evolutionary dolls’ houses: On experiencing the puppet theater in people’s homes!

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It was a reaction on what happened in the societies from time to time, when the man was the woman’s head in the homes, and when the man ruled in the home. The drama «A Doll’s House» was written by Henrik Ibsen, and he shew the world that we had a puppet theater in our homes, and that this theater was used instead of our modern cinemas that we find several places in the world today!

The drama «A Doll’s House» is about ordinary roles by the man and by the woman in the home. And the woman was like a doll, and the man could determine what he liked to get different things done at home and away from home. In the 1800s, the man had relatively great power in the home, and the woman was quite invisible. But these gender roles changed during the 1900s, and today the woman sometimes has power over the man, even in the most powerful positions like ministers and prime ministers and presidents.

A Doll’s House is a drama of Henrik Ibsen published in 1879. The drama had premiere on the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen on 21 December 1879. The play was a scathing critique of the traditional roles to men and women in the Victorian marriage. Hence, the women should work to earn salary outside the home, and this was equal to what the men had done for a long time. This became a power struggle between the sexes in the end of 1800s, and during the whole 1900s, and therefore it should be no shock and no surprise when changing the gender roles in the relation between the man and the woman, and both genders should earn money and realize their interest and their abilities and capabilities and capacity.

Henrik Ibsen has meant a lot for the international literature, and also for the literature in Norway. And about every detail we find, we can make a greater thing out of it. Henrik Ibsen first worked in Bergen during his amazing career like an author. During the late period of 1800s, Henrik Ibsen lived in Kristiania. And he was affected by blows in 1900, and Henrik Ibsen was nominated to the Nobel Prize in literature several times, but he did not get this award! But Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson got the Nobel Prize in literature in 1903, and there were disagreements in the Nobel Committee, and some members suggested that Bjørnson and Ibsen should share the prize in 1903, but the majority in the Nobel Committee went for Bjørnson. And in 1902, there also was a discussion about whether Henrik Ibsen should get the Nobel Prize together with other candidates, but Ibsen was not the choice among the majority in the committee.

Henrik Ibsen wrote much. But the Doll’s House made him international, and place on the world map. So, many countries today are focused on reading the literature to Henrik Ibsen, and to dwell around it. And we have had this discussion about the gender roles in the different countries to many times, and today we mean that equality applies, and that men and women should have the opportunity to get the same position with the same qualifications. And working life is not filled with knowledges in all directions and with much quantity, but you find smiling employees many places, and employees that are engaged with solving the problem for the customer. And this is always like what science always is: You have a problem, and you solve a problem, and finding the problem is often 50 % of the task that you are written from time to time, and from place to place.

Well, Henrik Ibsen could put different things under the microscope. And always he has a message to say and to show for the people. And his literature is also reactions about why the society was as it was, and if these things were welcome by all people that we have been meeting!

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