On celebrating Christmas and organizing this in the manners that we appreciate and like; How are we doing the celebration and the different things?

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You know, any love is a love of the human nature and the body that we have. And we should be constructive in meeting people from all countries in the world, and today with the Corona virus, we should just thank God for being alive, and some organizations today are claiming that the crisis will last to 2024, and we should apply for jobs before that time, but we should follow the directions and the advice coming from different people from different organizations. And everything is about giving and taking messages in the media channels where we are operating.

So, the Christmas! We are celebrating it from year to year, and we are doing the celebration alone or together with all people. And there is always a fitness, and an admiration of life, and loving is about giving your life to another person, both partly and totally! Total communication is about how we organize everything with messages in the world, and these can be within different languages, and with giving and taking messages of all kinds from people and schools at all levels. And we cannot require more than what people know, but when being in a school at the highest level, we should use our talents, knowledges, capacity, creativity and analysis with all what we know from this schools, and what had happened from time to time and from place to place. And life is just about fitness and loving, and the secret of our lives is between our legs, but we should use our brains to make sensible choices and not stupid choices.

The Christmas has an Advent time, and this time is organizing around four Sundays, and it starts in the last end of November or the beginning of December, and the duration of this time is to prepare us for Christmas on the days 24 December and 25 December and 26 December. And we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and he came to the world on 24 December, although there is doubt or wondering about what happened, when it happened, where it happened, why it happened and how it happened. But the bible and the quran are used diligently to orient themselves about what happened, and whether this thing was just reality or whether it was fiction. We are using our heads to make the imaginations about what has been perceived, and what is still perceiving, and these imaginations can be developed even further or they can be denied. We should be ourselves in life with the opinions and standpoints and views, and these are the responsibility for each human of us, and we are aware of what has happened, and how the world is organizing, and the courses we had in schools tell us what to believe and be engaged with in different organizations and in the humanity of any kinds at the earth.

So, the word Christmas, where does it come from? The word Christmas comes from Middle English Cristemasse, which in turn comes from Old English Cristes-messe, literally meaning Christ's Mass. ... Yet another explanation is that it is, in fact, the Hebrew word missah, “unleavened bread”, which God commanded to be offered with the Passover sacrifice in the Exodus. Accordingly, the word Christmas comes from the religious mass with Jesus Christ, and how he was born and how he came to the world, and what happened to him in life from from the announcement to the escape with him and his family to Egypt. And later on, Jesus Christ lived his life in Israel and in Canaan. And Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. And several prophets have prophesied about Jesus Christ and his birth to the earth, and some people and writings indicate that he was the son of God, and some people do not believe in these things, and therefore there is much uncertainty on what we should believe in life and why, and here is the research communities today.

So, celebrate the Christmas as you believe that it is, and be responsible with thinking and feelings in your ways, and you need it is difficult to explain all things with certainty, be we should structure our lives as we like and appreciate, and we are responsible for our own lives, and what we make of them.

Merry Christmas to all people!

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