On being the partisans of any other foreign power: The concept of using the brain and your opinions!

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There have been partisans during all world wars, but also in smaller fights and in smaller conflicts on being the king of the opinions, and being the best person to front all what is happening!

Partisans are something you get during a war or a battle or a conflict because people cannot agree on all problems, all issues and all opinions in discussions. The meanings are something coming up in the arena, and we are not all equal in our personalities, and therefore we sometimes disagree. In business life, we should not believe in God, but we should believe in all the business courses we can get in all business schools in the world. And research is something we are doing now, and that we still can do at every free time. And you should not agree in all opinions at all levels in different societies. The world is a large area to accomplish different things, and we should be partisans if there is several opinions that are coming up. We should not all have the same personality, since the world then will be a boring place.

We should use the thinking area in philosophy, and our own thinking to get further in the thoughts in the world. You can be in doubt of everything that is possible, and doubt is a signal that you are thinking according to the famous philosopher Descartes.

So, there are many opinions about everything, and we are bringing our personalities from place to place, and maybe you have good opinions that are reflecting in your brain as something that bring us further. If you are just copying thoughts from others, there are no new ideas and no new recognition, and hence you cannot lead at the highest level. If you are just being in conflicts with all people, you are destroying your opportunities many places. You destroy yourself by using the intelligence in wrong ways. We should use theory, method and data about everything, and we should have enough compentence and research background, and not too many experiences without explanations.

So, coming to ourselves, we always want to make victory of every war. That was the reason why we had the organization «Milorg» in Norway during the Second World War, and there were surely also many such kinds of organizations in all other countries. We cannot go to any war, if we are not fighting in it, to win all the battles, and we should not agree in something, if somebody is trying to destroy your chances by using conflicts and intrigues of different types. But partisans are discovered or not discovered, and they have the mission of fighting against opinions, perceptions and standpoints, that you and I can agree in on not. Hence, the partisans can be legal or illegal, but they come when there are many protests about what is going on.

You can have partisans in many things, but they are much used in wars. You can also use them in conflicts with the beliefs in religions and in many ordinary cases in normal life, and John Nash claimed that game theory is about everyday problems! When doing things together, we can do different things or same things, and if we do different things, we are just partisans! We should fight with all our thinking materials when being the best to state opinions that can be used in several places. All is about communication, and when having communication there is a sender and a receiver, and a message which can be of any kind. But the message can be understood or misunderstood, and we need to cope with people coming from the same country or different countries when doing all the efforts that are possible in international marketing and brand management. We cannot do anything properly today, without have the right competence to cope with the challenges that are actual and that are coming to the surface. We cannot be too creative and doing things that people do not accept, but we should do things in good and reflected ways. And the family settlements and the friends settlements are being in peace and love, but we should be in harmony or in conflict if there are reasons for it!

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It is always good to believe in something and be able to develop it. The problem is when strange factors such as the means of communication in many parts of the world intervene in discernment.

They shape consciences and draw models as they wish, putting themselves before the real thinking of people who, without them, would act differently.

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