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Written by:Diomer Antonio Galán Rincón.
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Important revelations have been presented for many years in relation to the moon, the sun, asteroids, planets, among others, thanks to the tireless work of scientists and their different studies that are carried out to learn more about our planet earth and outer space.

A group of astro physicists of Australian nationality led by Katarina Miljkovic conducted an investigation that lasted several years and discovered that the first holes (craters) in the natural satellite that we humans have as the Earth could have had a different shape or figure, as they appeared before the magma ocean, which by that time covered the lunar surface that cooled and hardened.

I also find out that the moon was formed more than 4.5 billion years ago and has survived many and varied impacts of asteroids and other celestial bodies during its history. But it is extremely surprising that not all of those asteroid impacts have made any kind of imprint on the entire surface. The research seems to have uncovered the reason why in order to answer this question.

Image taken from:Pixabay

Miljkovic's explanation, which reveals that these large voids (impact craters), could have been formed during the solidification process of the lunar magma ocean more than 4 billion years ago, as they should have had craters of different shapes and appearance compared to those that were made later in the lunar geological history.

But some studies have come to agree that it could have been around 200 million years ago. However Miljkovic points out that in reality it could be a much shorter period, and could have been in a single asteroid bombardment that occurred in the early solar system.

To conclude with the research, he said that it could contribute to a better understanding of the different formations and evolutions of the planets of the solar system and the impact that the Moon could possibly have had on the early Earth.

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