3 HEALTHY HABITS : Part 1, #12. Blogging Challenge Question

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We all know "Health is wealth". Our daily habit or routine plays a significant role on our health. It can either improve or ruin our health.

Kindly spare me few minutes of your valuable time as i share with you 3 healthy habits.

1. Regular Exercise

I exercise often not necessarily lifting heavy weights for muscles but doing more of aerobic exercises daily just to keep fit, promote blood circulation, improves breathing and burn of bad cholesterols from the body system.

This helps your body agile and healthy for the day as well.

2. Early Morning Hydration

Water is Life. Drinking water early morning before meal is a good and effective healthy hablt. Though you can skip it before breakfast most time which is not advisable. I'm often conscious on improving my hydration habit. You can take at least one glass of water and exercise for few minutes in the early morning to keep hydrated, fit and healthy for the day.

This lifestyle frees alimentary tracts of unwanted food debris and free radicals.

3. Eating more of Fruits and vegetables

The most set of fruits i love includes Apple, strawberries, water melon, Oranges and pinneaple.

I'm a fruit lover. I eat more of fruits than meals. Fruits and vegetables are rich in essential vitamins (Like Vitamin A,D,E and K) and fibres that stimulates rapid digestion and assimilation of food substances in the body. It's a free way of maintaining a fairly constant internal environment through homeostasis. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that inhibits the activities of free radicals in our body thus reducing premature aging, fatique and other unwanted health issues.


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