(DIY) Bubblehash (Weedcash)


DIY Bubblehash

How exactly do you make your own Bubble Hash stock? Fortunately this is not difficult. The process to make it is fairly precise. However, the quality difference is phenomenal and makes it absolutely worth it. To make Bubble Hash, isolate trichomes in ice water from used material. You then pass it through a series of rosé finer sieve bags that collect these resin glands. Not only buds can be used for this. When making Bubble Hash, growers are also able to use “residual products,” such as clippings and grit, to collect the trichomes that would otherwise end up right on the compost heap.


If you decide to go for the manual process (which is a great choice!), You need different bags with ever finer meshes. The more bags you use, the better. This way you are able to collect a larger amount of trichomes. The finest filter bags catch the purest and best throat.

The Ice-O-Lator system is a series of sieve bags specifically designed to first isolate trichomes and collect them in a later stadium. The system is based on the fact that trichomes are heavier than water. After they have been vigorously mixed with ice and water, they sink through the first bag and are finally insulated. You then use the smaller micron filter bags to collect the trichomes while the water passes through.

At Zamnesia we have two versions of the Ice-O-Lator. First of all, the special travel edition that is extra compact, easy to store and perfect for on the road. Ice-O-Lator Travel is suitable for a maximum of 25 grams. The small Ice-O-Lator bags can be used to process a maximum of 200 grams of dry plant material. These are available in sets of 2 to 7 bags, varying in sizes from 220μm to 25μm. To make Bubble Hash, we recommend using two filter bags. The quality of your hashish increases with the number of bags you use.

To make your own Bubble Hash load, you need:

2 large buckets
Something to stir the mix with
Cut residues of cannabis - the higher the quality, the more / better the end product
Various sieve bags

First determine how much cannabis you need. Use as a rule of thumb that 10 grams of weed yields 1 gram of hash. However, this depends on the quality of the material used.
Put your cutting residue in one of the buckets and add some ice. Then allow it to be immersed in cold water.
Grab your stirring stick and stir for 15 minutes in circular movements.
Prepare your sieve bags in the other bucket. Start with the 25μm bag. Place it in the bucket with the ends folded over the edge. Repeat this process with the rest of the bags in ascending order.
Pour mixed your mix into the bucket with the bags and let the mixture stand for 15 minutes.
Now comes the part through which you get the bags one by one. Start with the inner pocket. If you bought it, this should be the 220μm bag. Get this attention out of the water and drain it well. Separate the bag after emptying. The bulk of your coarse vegetable material is also the good is now removed. Repeat this process with the rest of the bags by lifting them out and deflating.
You see that with each bag different contributions of hashish arise, so that the quality increases as the bags become finer.
The last bag requires the most attention. Here it is important to be patient. Lift the bag causing it and let it drain gently, heard lumps of trichomes do not fall apart. This is the best hash.
Remove all trichomes from this last bag and leave them on a smooth surface for a few hours. When they are dry, you have first-class trichomes, ready to use or to press into hashish.

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