So much great entertainment looking back :))

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So ... much great entertainment excitement looking back :)) wondering about how will they top that but just awhile back they were asking the same themselves the same questions. I spent some time going back in time to some science fiction old movies not everything is about space although the are some of the greats like Buck Rodgers still have entertainment value if you follow the story line :)))not sure if there was an aqua man yet but it certainly must given somebody new ideas and experiences at the time. Very low tech as compared to these days but so much imaginative creativity something we don't witness so much of anymore. The creature from the Black Lagoon is a great afternoon distraction pure entertainment for anyone who needs a different perspective im thinking even the SeaView submarine had one of these guys on an episode too:))


So as we wait not holding our breath of course for sure even star trek is not even star trek anymore. Just diluted characters have changed the story lines are not enticing anymore and besides these days we have a whole encyclopedia of aliens in the form of Xmen. Yeah the comic book characters from the 60's 70's are all silver screen hero's these days but i think they missed a whole bunch anyways. I was thinking what happened to Archie characters but if you think about it that was Friends right:))) my guess is as good as yours what do you think will be the next big sci fi disturbance?? im thinking of pandemic monsters oozing out their infectious waste in the form of viruses and such diabolic ways :))) maybe appearing and disappearing through time and space anomalies, always looking forward to the next greatest adventure after all who know what all these rDNA virus shots if just even one goes bad ALL bets are off!! now that could really be scary :)))