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RE: I bought a Purple iPhone 14 Pro Max and paid with HIVE/BTC

in Threespeaklast year

I’m going to guess that Hive isn’t your number 1 source of income. That would explain why you don’t have to spend it on much more than coffee… also tells me how you’ve managed to stack up to over 100k, big congrats to you for that! It’s always been a goal of mine.

Which Apple Watch are you planning to get? I still have a Series 3 and it works well enough for me. The SE is a comparable to what I have, but with a bigger screen. The Series 8 is the latest and feature full. The Ultra is top of the line and a bit overkill for most. Some will be so happy to get something like that, but for $800… ouch.


Im gonna opt for the Series 8, the Ultra is a bit much... I also have a series 3, but It doesn't really keep a charge anymore.

Fair choice, I think that’s the best option.

My Series 3 definitely won’t last a full 24 hours and I can tell a noticeable difference between my 3 and my gf’s 3. I got hers last Christmas and mine was given to me when my brother got a new watch… he had his since the series 3 launched in 2016. Mine is so old, yet somehow still manages to do the job.