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Brain is one of the most vital organ in the human body, It control almost all the human body activities. The brain is actually present in the head and it is covered and protected by the SKULL. For an adult, the average brain is 1.2-1.4kg.
Brain can be divided into 3parts



Cerebrum consist the biggest part of the human Brianand it is located above the Cerebellum and brainstem. It is the part responsible for thinking, reasoning language, Logic and creativity. It is a vital part in the brain

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Cerebellum is small size and it is located just below the Cerebrum. It is also an important part in the human brain as it controls the coordinate movement and control posture as well.


The brainstem connect Cerebrum to the Cerebellum and spinal cord. Brainstem is responsible for the control of heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and sleep.
It is made up of 3parts: (1) Midbrain (2) Pins and (3) Medulla oblongata.

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Brain can also be divided into
Forebrain which consist of Cerebrum, thalamus, hypothalamus and pinal gland.
Mid brain which consist of brainstem
And lastly him and this consist of Cerebellum, brainstem and pons.

Function of brain

The brain is responsible for controlling all activities in the body.
It regulate and control human behaviors, control thinking Ability, regulate memory function and control sense of feelings

brain Damage

There are several causes of brain Damage
Excessive consumption of alcohol intake can lead to brain Damage
Head tumor, brain tumor and stroke also lead to brain damage.
Furthermore, inhale of dangerous chemical such as Mercury have beem associated with brain damage.


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