Back In Record Staking In Eve Of Raves Release!


I'm back into staking Starbits! Made few quick earnings. Already unstaked some for future burns/staking. I'm not sure exactly what I'd do. But I know it'll be 1 of those 2. I'm not gonna sell Starbits. It's not a smart thing to do. It's extra pressure on price. That's tough in this crypto winter. Who knows how long this will last.....

Catch It At Right Time :)

It's best to stake when NFT is just added to market. It's 25 NFTs renaming for most records. I've seen higher numbers in few cases. If it's really early after listing - you can make even 1% ROI pretty fast. It's not the coolest thing ever. But what if you have few Starbits around from missions?

It's a best practice to have few Starbits around. You might find a time to burn them too!

I Wanted To Try Music Promoter

But there's some problems. Hive-Engine isn't working. I wanted to try Diesel Pool LP today. Couldn't do that either. Fault is with H-E team. It's hard to manage decentralized censorship resistant networks. I really hope they'll get it fixed soon. I wanna try my DeFi again.

Better Burn Enough 🔥

If you don't burn enough Starbits in 1 day - you won't even get 0.01 Starpro. That's the smallest amount you can get in rewards. Take a look these rewards. If you don't think you can burn enough for the day..... WAIT!!!

You can always burn on another day! Collect enough rewards till it's at least 20K. You might be fine with less. But why not be safe 😊

Raves Goes Live on FRIDAY!

It's finally here!!! More game play & more ways to play make Rising Star look less boring. There's depth to this game. You don't have to play if you don't want. But there's rewards for those who do. Feelz vibrant 🌈🌧️☀️

I wasn't actually part of Raves testers. But I'd like to thank all the folks who did. It helps Rising Star. It helps everyone who HODL Starbits, Starpro & NFTs. Thank you so much 🤗

Reasons To Love Rising Star

It's a post from @stickupboys
I liked reading it. Though of giving it an extra share :) Really love how they start with numbers: 3 years building on Hive being a #web3 game! Can't say that about most stuff that's out there!

Play ▶️ Burn 🔥 Earn 💰 On Rising Star

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