The Adam Project (2022) - Review

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The Adam Project movie, which starts out as science fiction, turns into a fight between two elementary school children, which makes its debut with scenes of a space shuttle taking off and other shuttles shooting at it, a wormhole opening.


Let's make it more understandable and continue with a simpler explanation. After all, there is a difference between watching and reading. Space shuttles carry those who travel to the past with a leap from the future and make the journey to the past. The journey to the past, as it is thought, is not made with a time machine. Instead, they open functional wormholes in space and use wormholes to leap into the past or the future.

They created a more acceptable fiction than the time machine idea. The man stole his own shuttle to search for his wife, who has been missing for 4 years. Other shuttles firing from behind are trying to thwart his illegal attempt. The man makes the jump in the wrong place and accidentally jumps into the house of a 13-year-old boy in the past. And this is where the first oddity in the story takes place. The 13-year-old boy is the Man himself who made the leap in Time. In other words, the grown up and childhood versions of the same person are looking for their spouses side by side.


A story within a story is inevitable when it comes to science fiction because the additional story may not be enough to make science fiction more interesting. Adult Adam, child Adam, and both Adam's fathers eventually become the three of them. Because Adam's father provided the creation of functional wormholes that allow time travel, and the name of the project was named The Adam Project.

Child Adam and adult Adam want to find their father and warn them about his invention. Although the goal is to save Adam's wife, the task suddenly turns into saving the future.

Don't you think it's weird? We make technological inventions to build the future, but the future becomes such that they try to destroy technology to save the future. The time we live in the present includes the part of building the future. We may not see efforts to destroy technology to save the future, but the possibility of this happening continues to be the subject of many sci-fi movies.


Technology can sometimes be frightening, even just in terms of the subject matter in movies. The era of machines connected to artificial intelligence is not only the subject of movies, but also a part of our real life.

Together with Little and Big Adam, their father begins to work to save the future. The Adam Project movie starts with science fiction, continues with a light comedy breeze and continues with a sweet adventure. It is a very interesting and entertaining movie, I would definitely recommend you to watch it as a family. That said, I'm giving this advice in such a relaxed and friendly way that I know it's definitely worth your time.

Moreover, although I told you the main plot of the movie, I did not give any spoilers about the content and events, and I did not say a word about the end of the movie. I hope the films from the past to the present and from the present to the future will not go beyond being fictional stories. I don't want the future me to visit the present me. Even though I'm curious about my future, I don't want to learn this way. But when it comes to cinema, time travel and science fiction are both fun and enticing.

Buckle up and live in the moment, not yesterday, not tomorrow!


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