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RE: Want to learn to program?

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It's funny because I was just searching for the best sites to learn to code. There are so many out there it's easy to get sold on something not quality. I really like the recommendation on challenges. I started doing some, is the idea that they're similar to excel formulas? That's how I've been trying to solve for the answers

 last year 

The idea is you get a real world bite sized problem to solve.

As I said in the post, my biggest suggestion is to build something on your own, this is where you will grow the most. These challenges are like building something on your own without having to come up with an idea. They are also single problems where many projects are made up of many problems.

Another great thing about these code wars type of sites is you can see how other people solved the problem and frequently learn to be a lot better.

I highly recommend code wars over all the rest. It is really well done and supports a lot of languages. Has built in editor and test runners.

I recommend anyone learning to grow to do at least one challenge a day. Some may only take you 1-2 minutes some may take an hour or more. They are all small problems but sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

Well, for now, I can't even read or listen about coding daily, but I have that interest in the back of my mind, nibbling at stale cheese...