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RE: The Future of Artificial-intelligence and Robotics in the Security Industry

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Dear @henry-9ja

Based on my experience humans will always be kind of necessary. Mostly because for insurance purposes. Cars can be fully automatic, but driver will be always legaly necessary. We may have robots patroling the streets, however humans will be hired to work as a security as well.

I've seen already some developed countries, where even McDonalds were hiring security guys - simply because it allowed them to get better deals with insurance companies. And we got to that point simply because regulators enforced this kind of rules.

Keep in mind, that people also prefer to deal with other people. Not many will feel comfortable around machines. So I would rather expect CCTVs, face recognition, AI and drones to be first response. But presence of humans will be necessary more often than not.

And I can only hope that I'm not wrong :)

accept the fact that Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Robots that leverage on AI) are going to take away jobs from a lot of people in the nearest future

Surely many jobs will be lost. It's so hard to tell who will be affected.

Upvote on the way,
Yours, Piotr