The Ultimate "Loo With A View?"

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“Some new details about the spacecraft and how the civilian crew will live while aboard have surfaced, and it’s very interesting.”
- Shane McGlaun, SlashGear

When you've gotta go...

...wouldn't it be great to be able to go in style?

Picture this:


Sitting Pretty... (Source)

Imagine that's your head in the bubble...

I can imagine it quite well.

Although I am a voracious reader, and often distract myself with reading while waiting for "everything to come out all right," I declare! There's no way I'd bring any reading along during this rest stop...

Don't miss the full story here.

Go, SpaceX!


For much more of @creatr, click on the library image below:


That is quite a ship with a toilet that has the view. Enjoyed reading the back story. Blessings.

Thanks, Troy!

How are you doing? :)