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RE: NFTs - Future of Creativity Or Flash In The Pan Novelty?

I suspect this is an important topic that deserves a dedicated group working on establishing standards and at least outlining protocols. Perhaps a project for Hive?

Some years ago I got involved in the early stages of the Vape industry (not marijuana) and one of the brighter spots was that we established standards well before any regulatory agency, such as ID requirements and no underage sales and also limiting e-juice production to only American or European sourced ingredients for safety standards. Political pressure from the tobacco industry eventually crushed most operators. The main point is that if a group of us start now to establish standards and protocols we will gain an advantage needed later.

As @taskmaster4450 pointed out in another post today, regulation is coming. By taking proactive steps in this early stage we can have a say in how the regulation is shaped. This is particularly true if our efforts motivate companies like (tm) to migrate their image databases to platforms such as Hive. This would also simplify ownership security measures such as @dynamichivers 'watermark and owner key' suggestion in the comments to this post.

It's a thought at any rate.
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The main barrier with NFTs as far as self regulation goes, is that there is already a massive body of regulation in place for art and copyright, which it is not really going to be 100% possible to escape. Even with self regulation there will be many cases where things go to court anyway. I do agree, though, the structures put in place by the successful platforms and communities will shape the future to some extent and do have the power to possibly reshape wider copyright etc.

We already have creative commons licensing and 'copyleft' etc. from the software world and I suspect that in most cases people will just use software as a template for NFT rights - coupled with existing multimedia ideas.

I have seen some platforms deliberately structuring their rules to completely let go of the old ways and try to embrace only a new way - it will be interesting to see how that works out, but so far they seem to be having limited success. We shall see!

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