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Hi fellow Hiveians,

The other day I got to teach the little man about making "Copies" of something.


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Robotic Jobs

I'm not really sure why it took a long time to do it but we failed to make copies of the keys to the lake house property we spent so much time at last summer. We only had one set of keys lol and they weren't stored in a smart place. We didn't lose them but we did forget them once and it was a pain in the ass to drive all the way home, could have used the rant community for that one hahaha.

I know that the Home Depot we go to often had recently installed these robotic things to make keys and I haven't used one until today. They are pretty cool and unique, though it's a little dismaying to see them doing these types of things to replace the human element in it. I didn't always love to wait for a worker to come by and help me make the keys but it was still human. Call me old fashioned..


He was amazed at the different things that went into this thing. The way it took the key and made a picture template of it. He asked me what we were doing when I told him we needed to make a key. He wasn't familiar with the concept of "Copy" and kept thinking I was saying Coffee since we say that a hell of a lot more lol. When we were using the machine and he put the key in the slot, we chose the key template and it started to work on making us a copy. When the copy popped out, it was really cool to watch it click in him. He's like whoa! That's a copy?! These are the moments that are incredible and it gets a little sad in some ways that there are less of these as time goes on lol.


The store didn't have what else we needed which was okay but it was regardless pretty fun to take the trip, show him what the machine did and also learn a little bit of how it worked. The key machine took a picture of the template and pushed it against the grinding thing or pulled it away depending on what the grooves were. It was interesting to see it! I'm used to the older machines that just make an indent in a mold or something and that's what the grinder uses to make the key. This was done digitally which was interesting.

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Im all for pressing keys into soap

My dad used to make his own keys by pressing them into plaster, then casting them in aluminum or bronze. It didn't work every time, but it was always a lot of fun!

That's cool, proves that there's a lot of ways to do these types of things. I bet it was a lot of fun doing that!

Haha yeah, I don't love the lack of human element in it but it was fun to see his amazement!

Wow! That's amazing... I can imagine the emotion the little man felt. :)

Hahah yeah he definitely loved it! Anything new he really takes right to it.

My favorite part of raising kids is re-living the excitement of discovering things for the first time! It sounds like you're doing a great job raising that one right.

Thanks man, I'm doing the best I can to do things in a way that I think is right and beneficial to him! It's so fun to watch him experience these things for the first time, the wonder in his eyes makes so many things worth it for me!