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RE: Café questioning: A blockchain conundrum; Your help required

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I think like me, we aren’t really tech people and especially not in the developer way. Just today I stopped getting an error when I posted a comment. It was a wonderful thing! Two brutal weeks of next to no communication though about the issues that persisted after the fork. Nodes were down left and right, it’s been a sad span of days I think. The price of hive has taken a serious beating I think because if the issues and the lack of acknowledgment of it by the top folks. I’ve checked the hive devs community out a few times and haven’t been successful in finding one of the smart groups telling us what’s up.

Even 15-20 words. Issues with “x”, working in “y” go a long way.

Is it because you posted this that I now see 2 comments in this one? Lol let's see what it looks like outside of the post.

Edit - nope still broken.


Broken as fuck.

I don't know mate, it just seems really odd to me that there's been no word on it...You know, I even saw a post about now we have HF24 out the way let's talk about HF25! What the actual fuck?

Clearly, that second coffee didn't calm me down any. :)

It's a clusterfuck, more so that this little thing hasn't been sorted out, or even addressed. Maybe I'm missing something and some whale-dude will reply to this post calling me a fucking idiot...So be it though, I'll be happy to get the response at least.

Thanks for replying.

Why don't you tell us how you actually feel? Just sayin'

Imagine how agro he'd be if he was in Victoria & can't even sit in a cafe 😜😜

I know, huh?

Haha...That's only a rant at 10%...You should see 50% 🤣

Ahahahaha. I just clicked on the link to your comment and got the "This page does not Exist" page. I could be heating up a little.

I'm guessing I'd like 50% or better. At least from 10,000 miles away!

Lol...I get that sometimes,go back and then come back...Seems to work for me.

I get it at least 50% of the time. This one I also got 'Something went wrong on our end' so two extra clicks.