Learning Python Episode 1

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to start a small personal series of my progress of learning how to code with Python as a language. Given the crazy stuff going on, I felt it was prudent to get off my ass and start learning language.


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Innovation Requires Attention

One of the things I've been really meaning to do is learn some type of programming language to some degree. Like many, I can do a whole lot of things but don't particularly excel at one individual thing. I think this has both strengths and weaknesses for sure but one thing that it prevents is getting siloed. In the workforce, getting siloed in today's current environment could be devastating because if something happens and you lose your job or have some emergency come up, you need to have options.

I've been trying off and on for a while to get better at new things like programming. I tried to learn C++ but it's quite challenging as it's the base code for a lot of this stuff and you have to do a lot to get the desired result. Some of what I understand are the newer languages don't require so much granularity and provide an easier learning curve. I have decided to learn Python first to see what I have strengths in and weaknesses.

I've been working at the basics from the beginning. Thankfully there are apps that exist out there that make learning this stuff completely free and incredibly easy and efficient. Huge score there! This software I use is called SoloLean and I can highly recommend it, though I don't know if it works on Android devices, it's free and works very well on iOS. So the learning has taken place when I can get the little man to bed so I'm not in the best frame of mind but as an adult you have to adapt to your situation rather than just give up or never start. The only way we can change our situations is to give it effort and attention, however much we can afford is best.


If you notice, my goal for this is to learn it to do some basic Hive programming! I have an intention of creating a game here that I think could potentially do very well. I am not in a place where I am going to say much more about the game, I am still in the discovery phase of what things will be named and all that but I think gaming here on Hive is going to be one of the major contributors to success and longevity. The free, 3-second transactions we all know are far superior than mainstream chains like Ethereum that have pretty wild gas prices.

One of the good things is I have been learning from my mistakes. Can you spot my mistake below and what I did to fix it? There's a small Hive prize for someone who even reads this and sees this little sentence :D.



So this one below was a BIG pain for me! I was trying to create an input code that added two users input together and I was getting it all wrong. I had used the code
"First = input(3)
Second = input(6)

print(first + second)

I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the heck I was doing wrong with it. I redid the lessons a few times, kept failing when it finally dawned on me that I wasn't expected to put in the actual values, only how it should be designed to get values from the user! The values additionally needed to be integers not strings so I had to specify that. I was extremely excited when I finally figured it out and passed the bonus lesson!


Two bonus test cases down, 3 more to go!


I'm in the middle of the next group of lessons, which is where I left off last year. I did some last night and it was great so I'm hoping to continue this the rest of the month each night. I have a goal of finishing the Python curriculum and earning my little certificate by the end of January, if possible!


Additional Languages?

What other languages would you recommend? I was thinking about learning JSON since hive transactions tend to use Custom JSON for so many of the gaming things. I don't want to get too ahead of myself but when we talked to a friend of ours about it who does a lot of programming, she knows all of them and said learning one then another isn't too challenging, some of the concepts are the same.

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Why start with the hell 😀 Did not heard about SoloLean , will have a look. I prefer desktop apps more than mobile apps and Python is on my list as well. Need to devote time, to do more progress.

Yeah, C++ was very difficult to start with lol. I did not enjoy it at all!

I have an iPad so the SoloLearn app was incredibly helpful. It is available for phones of course but the screen is too small to be worth while. I don't know if the app is available for free on computers but there are a lot of resources for learning Python that are free. I have found it to be a very smooth learning experience so far!

Appreciate you stopping by to check it out!

I'm in the beginning stages of python programming myself and there was a huge gap crossed when you begin looking at different utilities that are imported. Then you use that utities tool set to manipulate the data.

I think its like Lego's, where you add different kits and it builds some grand programs. I'm digging pandas at the moment with some selenium action.

Enjoy the coding. Its a pretty cool notion to build your ideas

Yeah that's awesome! I am looking forward to when I can start to get the programming going on my actual computer. I haven't got it fully set up though so it's going to take a little bit but the app has been a big help.

I like the LEGO analogy, not only because I love LEGO but because I find it accurate. It adds different layers each time you complete a lesson, it refers back to previous things so that's been a nice help!

Appreciate you stopping by and the comment! What are you planning on doing with the Python programming you are learning? Anything specific yet?

!discovery 25

Thanks, I appreciate it!

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