Laptop Refurbish

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I finally made the step to having my own laptop!


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Laptop Refurbish

One of the things that I loved with my old job was that they gave me a laptop to use for work stuff. That certainly came with some other aspects to it but I ended up using it for some personal things when I wasn’t connected to their network. This made things on hive far easier!


Since leaving the job though, that meant I had to give back my laptop sadly. That’s okay though, one thing that was forgotten was they issued me a second laptop for other testing and I think the person who did it forgot to log that it was issued to me. In any case, I wasn’t going to let them know I had it since they never asked about it so I never mentioned it. It came time when I was leaving to give all the stuff back and they forgot so I scored that time!

It came time for me to get that laptop working so I didn’t have to use my work laptop at my new job to do anything personal related. It’s just better that way I think. Plus now I don’t have to delete a bunch of stuff if I leave the job in a few years lol. That took me about 2 hours to delete it all. An added benefit to it is that I can upgrade some stuff on it so it works better!

I have never done any build work on a laptop before so I’m going to have to watch some videos on how to do it. I’m looking forward to it! I haven’t tinkered around inside a computer like this for a long time but never before a laptop. A little intimidated with all the small components of it lol. It should be fun though!

I got myself a 1 terabyte Samsung solid state hard drive. The solid state costs have come down considerably over the past few years and exponentially since I built my last gaming computer over 10 years ago. I wanted to try Linux as an operating system but want to have a working laptop before I mess around with trying to learn a system I’ve never used much before.

What’s your latest computer build or modification you’ve had? Let me know!

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Ayyyy. Getting Gud 😎
Congrats 💻🦾