1. 80% of the technology we use today is a result of Nikola Tesla 2. ...

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  1. 80% of the technology we use today is a result of Nikola Tesla

  2. Nikola Tesla believed The Great Pyramid in Egypt had great significance

  3. He had an obsession w/the numbers 3-6-9

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Maybe Tesla didn't invent the microphone but he invented the mic drop.

Thomas Edison sucks!

I don't understand why the electric current did not kill him? 🧐

( 1st video )

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A full explanation would require a post. Short answer: Nikola Tesla knew how electrons move through a conductor and circuit. Long answer: Tesla was demonstrating high voltage and high frequency with a very small amount of current. The wire burned and the human body didn't due to "skin effect" which is a combination of permittivity, resistivity and frequency. The alternating current was much more dense on the wire's surface area and more dispersed when traveling through the human body. Tesla was also mindful of how his body was made part of the closed circuit in reference to the primary and secondary circuits and how he wasn't grounded. That movie scene was based on a real demonstration Tesla performed in Philadelphia. The woman being part of the act was artistic license. In reality grabbing someone like that and making them part of the circuit is carelessly negligent if they don't understand what is going on.

Not related to the above electrical principles but interesting: While taking an electronics class during high school my teacher had a setup he enjoyed demonstrating. It had two rods. When you touched the rods there was a shock but if you grabbed the rods and held them there was just a brief shock and then you couldn't feel it while the setup emitted an electric hum. If I remember correctly it was due to the damped output from the LC oscillator.

Amazing @holovision!

  • You know this stuff very well.

#NikolasTesla @d-zero

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Right now tesla is rising up with the hand of Elon Musk

You mean Nikola Tesla's prior work is getting attention again, due to #ElonMusk?

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The concept has came from Nikola Tesla , rest of the hard work from Elon

too mystical. we need to use life john searl motors now SEG from @verbz
he used to post a lot more on steem and again on hive

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