Transformational leadership

in The City of Neoxian4 months ago

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Leadership can be transformational only if its leaders can manage to employ a communication system in which the whole group can have the possibility of achieving common objectives.

When such leaders succeed in transforming the system, it is because they also succeed in developing a vision, which is a shared vision for the whole group. The transforming particularity lies in the fact that the group vision developed is used to transform and move from mediocre triumphs to setting goals, which if achieved would make the vision transforming.

This type of leadership provides an ability to function to its leaders, since it is flexible, which translates into a higher performance when goals are achieved, but in order to transform, leaders have to constantly motivate their group to produce more and be efficient along the way. None of this could be achieved if negative expectations are not changed to expectations of achievement, the perception about the negative disappears once leaders invite to be able to expand towards a positive outlook, which ends up motivating the team.


The team and the acceptance of the importance of the team makes that its leaders and subordinates can work together under the same transforming ideal, all this makes that all together achieve a maximum level of morale and motivation, making that the closest environment to the team earns the respect and admiration of the group for the transforming achievements obtained.