The blockchain reaches the agricultural sector.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this prestigious community, following my cycle of publications today I will share with you a very interesting topic and is that the blockchain has grown so much that it is already related to the agricultural sector, in order to improve crop yields by managing relevant information in real time and securely.

As it is well known by many, blockchain provides us with many advantages in the financial, economic, health and many other areas, without a doubt its great growth has allowed this important technology to be used more and more. This blockchain technology wants to be used in Colombia to improve agriculture in that country, Colombia has been characterized as a productive country in the agricultural sector and increasingly seeks technological tools that allow them to obtain a better performance in the productive fields and this time they plan to do it through the blockchain

Many will be wondering how the blockchain could help to improve the productive yields of the agricultural sector, well, it can and Colombia is already organizing the necessary strategies to start this project. Within this series of strategies is to launch blockchain networking courses in order to be understood by the sector, in this workshop can enroll, any member of the agricultural community of Colombia, from a small producer to large producers.


This initiative to incorporate the great benefits that blockchain can bring to the agricultural sector is driven by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MinTIC) in conjunction with the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR), this project is called (Agro 4.0) and its purpose is that the agricultural industry incorporates emerging technologies to strengthen the sustainability of the same. Through the implementation of a blockchain system, it will be possible to record data from this sector in an automated manner and thus obtain the information required for decision making in a fast and secure way.

One of the most relevant aspects of this project is that the information digitized through the blockchain for the agricultural sector will allow the development of automated processes without human participation, seeking with this initiative that the industry can produce more efficiently. Undoubtedly, blockchain technology continues to grow and consolidate in all areas where it is used and always with the firm objective of helping to improve all necessary aspects of the areas of influence.

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