Binance bets on NFTs.

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Greetings to all my dear readers and followers of this valuable community, continuing with my publications today I will be sharing with all of you a very relevant news for the NFT world and it is that one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance has decided to invest a large sum of dollars in a project of a platform to earn money for playing NFT.

We all know the great boom that in recent months have had the play-to-earn games which allow to win tokens that are then exchanged for cryptocurrencies of value in the market, the Non Fungible Token (NFT) have revolutionized the cryptocurrency market and more and more are the investments that large corporations make in these projects, Since the arrival of one of the most popular games so far, Axie Infinite, the NFT world has not stopped producing games that generate income for playing, all this has generated that many users from different countries around the world see a possibility to generate extra income.

This Tuesday, December 21, one of the main exchanges in the cryptocurrency market, Binance, announced a powerful investment of 1 billion dollars in Crypto Gaming United (CGU), a platform that develops play-to-earn games based on blockchain technology, as we all know this type of games make users who are immersed in it can generate money through the tokens that the game generates. This important investment seeks to consolidate this type of project that is generating sources of employment for young people, mainly in Latin America.


One of the main objectives of Crypto Gaming United (CGU) is to gather the largest number of play-to-earn players in the market, at the present time Russia leads the largest number of players that are immersed in CGU, followed by countries around it, i.e. Continental Europe, the contribution that Latin America makes in terms of play-to-earn players is one of the lowest, contributing around 100,000 players in the different countries of the region. That is why Binance has decided to invest the important sum of money of 1,000 million dollars so that other players in Latin America have the opportunity to join this wonderful world.

Undoubtedly the blockchain in conjunction with the NFTs have allowed many people in the world to get a job and generate income by playing, for example in Venezuela where the minimum wage is around 3 dollars these play-to-earn games become an important source of income that allows them to sustain themselves in this country where inflation eats away the income of Venezuelans. Binance continues to bet on the development of the blockchain and of course giving opportunities to young people in Latin America to improve themselves.

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