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RE: ecoTrain QOTW: LIVING Robots are here, they're called Xenobots and it's Unbelievable. Discover what they are and tell us if this excites you or terrifies you?

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The only problem with all of this thinking, this mental exercise is that everything we think we know about healing is wrong.

Deliver the right chemical to the right cells?
That is the same thinking as this here snake oil, will cure warts, hangnails and the flu.

It is wrong, based on a lie told by Pasteur so that he could make massive profits selling "medicine".

Killing frogs so that we can make little robots.
Or did we make the next bio-weapon?

Since we have so little knowledge of the human body, (less than ⅐th of the body has been explored) we have no clue what putting one of these in the body will do.

The most likely thing is that it will get stuck in a capillary and kill off a hundred cells by denying them sustenance.

So, if we don't understand the body, or healing, what can be said about this?

Hey look, we made a little robot out of dead frog parts. Lets go get some more frogs.


probably very wise words!!!! did we make a bio weapon,, indeed!