Elon Musk Is a Great Innovator and Entrepreneur... not.

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Everyone talks about Elon Musk as the greatest genius.

"Just look at what he has done!"

"He has started multiple successful companies!"

"Look, Elon is introducing new inventions!"

Elon, to me, is truly amazing!
This guy builds cars in Comi-fornia!

Remember the Delorian?

This car:

Star of the "Back to the Future" movie trilogy.

Why is does the Delorian only come in brushed stainless steel?
Because it was built in Comi-fornia and they would not allow him to paint his cars.

And, if you think this is a one off, all the major military industrial companies have removed all of their assembly plants from Comi-fronia. California use to be home of the biggest airplane building factories. Regulations drove them all off.

Even the military repair personal have a hard time. They have to order special paint... that is used no where else in the country, to paint the planes the come in off the carriers.

So, Elon Musk is very special. He can paint cars in comi-fornia.

- - - - - - -

And before you think this is as special as he gets, you must remember he started PayPal.

An online bank that wasn't a bank.

To know how special this is, you must know that you cannot just open a bank. You have to have permission from on-high. The FED has to approve of your existence.

Have you heard of the many "right wing" conspiracy guys that have been demonetized from ThemTube. Many find that they now can't even have a bank account. If this wasn't top down, how on earth would ALL of the banks suddenly stop dealing with you?

Jordan Peterson was planning to make a Patreon competitor... but i haven't heard of him getting too far. All the payment processors won't deal with that.

Sooooo, how did Elon get to create a new type of bank?
and not get shut down like so many crypto projects have been hammered? (like bitcoin ATMs that give out cash)

- - - - - - -

Elon also is special in another regard.

He can lose money. Tons of it, every year, and still his companies stay in business.

Basically Elon is subsidized by The US and many "military front" companies.

Delorian lowered himself to selling drugs to keep his car company afloat and it was no where near the money sink that Tesla is.

Elon is coming out with "new" products / ideas all the time while his old companies are still failing and floundering from lack of leadership.

- - - - - - -

Lastly, i must state that everything Elon Musk is doing is straight out of 1980s Popular Mechanics and Popular Science.

There is nothing innovative about the Tesla. There are many companies that convert cars to electric. They have been doing it for decades. No news on them.

Remember the Chevy Volt? People loved the car... so Chevy had them all returned, shipped to AZ where they were shredded. Not just left to rot in a field or stored, or disassembled.

His rocket plans are all stuff from the 80s that Need Another Seven Astronauts never tried... for some reason.

His hyper loop, also from the 80s, doesn't even hold a vacuum.

And lastly, he is working on human implants... in a method that has proven to not work and cause brain injury over time. But, anyway... oh yeah, a robot is doing the implanting.

All in all, these are things that engineers back in the 1980s were saying, we could do this if we could just get some funding.

But like solar power plant testing in The US... funding just... dries up.

So, how does Elon Musk do it?

- - - - - - -

All images in this post are my own original creations.
Elon and Delorian photos from Wikicommons.


Rich people and their golden boys,....smdh.

I wish it was just that... i smell something stincier.

Elon and his family have direct ties to Technocracy Inc.; @CorbettReport has covered his connections and scams a number of times, most notably in All Hail Elon's Martian Technocracy!

Apparently he has only .25 BTC..

Since this is only a self reported number, it is hard to put much stock in it.

But, i do not doubt that he thinks nothing of bitcoin.

Of course, 0.25 BTC will probably be a good retirement egg for a normal person.

Yeh, I was just being funny, he mostlikly has nothing to worry about money wise (somehow!)

If you can judge a time by its heroes, this is some rather sad times.

Right up there with Kim Kard-ass-ian.

... if we start seeing statues of these people, i might just figure out how to get to mars first.


If you can judge a
Time by its heroes, this is
Some rather sad times.

                 - katharsisdrill

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

He just looks so bloated.. :D

George Hotz is way more impressive regarding cars.. ;]

Well George Hotz is a real brain.... so, of course.

I also like his thought process on expert system much better than anything i have heard from Musk

Hotz is just real and not bought ^^