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Sometimes I spend the whole day outdoors, walking along the coastal meadows or through the woods, and although I can say that I had a great day at the end, I do not have any particularly interesting videos or photographs on the memory card of my camera. So is kind of ironic to find a cool macro situation late in the evening, once I'm back home, in a place where I don't expect much action of that kind.
On the following video, the core of this video - centered post, you can see what actually happened. :D Have a good view.

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A short look at some wasps and ants activities on the terrace in front of my house. They found a dead slug, and now are feeding on that carcass.

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And that's it.
IMG_3402 malo.jpg
As always in these posts on HIVE, the video and those few photographs - are my work.


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Everything is recycled in nature. Amazing!

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Very big yellow wasp! Must be very hungry!