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About a month ago, on the 25th of September, I spent an hour in the bay of Liznjan. Some friends were there with me, and while they were photographing the boats and birds in the small harbor, I was exploring the coastal vegetation, through the macro lens mostly.

This interesting moth was the first insect I encountered on that occasion.


Here you can take a better, more up-close look at its cute face.


Phlogophora meticulosa is the name of this species from the Noctuidae family. Its common name is angle shades.

These moths fly mainly at night. During the day, you can often see the resting on the herbaceous vegetation. In this case ...


... the Phlogophora meticulosa was resting in the dense growth of the fragrant apple mint (Mentha suaveolens) plants ...


... that still prosper behind this old red building that was once a tomato processing factory.


Also there, in the mint ...


... I found a well-camouflaged green caterpillar. I haven't noticed it there while watching the larva through the macro lens, but ...

... but today, while preparing the photographs for the post, I noticed a minuscule mite on its head.


This caterpillar is a larval stage of the hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum).


In this photograph, you can take a better, more up-close look at the horn on its rear end. The small spider, shown in the following picture ...


... was resting or waiting in ambush on the tiny Mentha suaveolens flowers, high on the top of the plant. I decided to show the scene in the diagonal composition because it looked much better that way, but ...

... but the spider was comfortably situated upside down in a vertical position. This is a juvenile lynx spider. Oxyopidae family. Oxyopes heterophthalmus is the name of the species.


On some other plant, can't tell you which one exactly, that was growing mixed with the mint, I photographed the Nomophila noctuella, a moth from the Crambidae family. I was able to take only one photograph before the insect flew away.


Meanwhile, the Phlogophora meticulosa was motionless in the same place.


This small butterfly, the Plebejus argus from the Lycaenidae family ...


... was photographed on the Dittrichia viscosa. The day was very cloudy. The storm was approaching, and the light was pretty low for macro photography. So I used the flash of my camera for most of these photographs.


Here you can see the same butterfly in the ambient light.


This is the Salsola soda plant. Haven't found any insect on it, but ...

... but on the nearby Crithmum maritimum, I photographed a small fly.


Here you can take a look at the mix of succulent plants that grew closer to the sea. The focus is on two species mentioned before, the Salsola soda and the Crithmum maritimum.


The fly is the Adia cinerella, a species from the Anthomyiidae family.

The following links will take you to the sites with more information about some of the protagonists of this post. I found some stuff about them there.



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Thank you. 🙂 Glad you like the post.

Excellent post and good pictures about these arthropods. I have been looking for mites on insects for a while now to make a publication about them, but I haven't found them for a long time. I remember some years ago that I often saw them on beetles; however, at that time I didn't have any equipment with which I could photograph them. On the other hand, these caterpillars of the family Sphingidae are very attractive because they are very large, easily recognizable by the small protuberance or tail at the end of their bodies. Many successes @borjan.

Thank you. 🙂 Hope you'll find some cool mites to photograph soon.

Thanks for the referring links. It's so handy to follow rather than googling.


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What an amazing and interesting photographs you've got. That moth really looks unique and with special body designs.

Yes, the shape of its folded wings resembles a withered leaf, and the markings on the wings are quite stylish. Some insects have a really interesting design.

Really wonderful how the creator managed to give unique designs to every creature. I believe the universe still has a lot to discover and learn.

Yay! 🤗
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The Phlogophora meticulosa's marking are quite wonderful!

Hi @borjan; I liked all the photos but the one that blew me away was this one.


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Within an hour you can take advantage of that time by taking cool pictures.

Amazing 😱😱😱👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

what a cute spider awww


Such stunning captures, the macro is incredible. Like the thorn of the caterpillar.
Beautiful captures of the creatures. The moth is nice.
Have a great week further. 👋🏻
Hope you had a nice Halloween @borjan 🎃👻

Thanks. 😃 Yes, it was a nice Halloween. The weather is unusually warm. It's like a springtime Halloween. Right now, just before dawn, there is plenty of fog in town. If the fog is still there when the sky gets blue, and if I don't fall asleep again while waiting for the sky to get blue, I think I'll go to the cemetery to take a few photographs with lanterns in the mist. Hope your Halloween was nice too.

You are welcome @borjan 😊👋🏻
That’s strange and unusual, warm weather… we notice it here too. Temperatures still way up.
That’s sounds lovely. Hope you did get the blue skies and could take some cemetery shots with lanterns.
Looking forward to them, if you managed 😉😎 and didn’t fall asleep hahaha !LOL
Have an awesome day!

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now we just call him Phil.

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The way Nature Surprise with these Camouflage is incredible.

Awesome Clicks. That Caterpillar one is Gotta be favorite one.

There are some amazing creatures which one could ever believe exist

Waw, I was amazed to see the top picture, if at first glance maybe we would have thought it was a leaf, a beautiful shot sir

I am amazed at the fact that you notice the mite on the caterpillar. a smaller creature in an already small creature. : )
lovely shots as usual my friend.

The micro shots really got my attention!
This is a great one friend ☺️
Thank you for consistently educating us.

Here we go 🚀
This is a quality content friend and nice shots 📸

That moth looks like a dried up leaf😂. At first I was having a bit of trouble looking for it's head.
Nice pictures as always though 🙂

The photos of the insects that you took are really very cute-cute and very beautiful and so clear