ULA Atlas V 421 - SBIRS GEO-5 [New Date: 18.05.2021, 17:31 UTC]

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EDIT 1: New Date - 18.05.2021, 17:31 UTC

Rocket Lab Mission Anomaly

The last Rocket Lab mission, Running Out of Toes, ended with an anomaly of the second stage. The engine was maximally tilted to one side, making the second stage immediately veer off course and shut down.

The secondary mission of soft-landing the second stage under parachute in the ocean looks like a success.

Video analysis by Scott Manley: Rocket Lab's 20th Launch Spins Out Of Control After Successful Booster Flight

Press release by Rocket Lab

Atlas V

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) is launching a 4'500 kg satellite for the United States Space Force to geostationary transfer orbit from Space Launch Complex 41, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida.

Atlas V SBIRS GEO Flight 5 Mission Profile

SBIRS is a network of infrared systems that serves as early missile detection system.

The Atlas V is flying in a 421 configuration: 4 meter diameter fairing, 2 solid rocket booster and 1 Centaur second stage engine.

The 45th Weather Squadron predicts weather conditions on launch day at 90% go.

Where to watch:

Check your local time of launch at: www.timeanddate.com

Take a Tour: Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida

Atlas History

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