SpaceX is launching NASA Crew 2 [Live: 23.04.2021, 09:49 UTC]

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This is the second operational Crew Mission for NASA. Two astronauts from NASA, one from JAXA and one from ESA will travel to the ISS for a regular 6 month rotation.

Prelaunch news conference: Mission Update: NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 Launch

Crew 1 and 2 will be docked to the ISS at the same time for a period of 5 days (20 days supply is available if departure of Crew 1 is delayed).

Launch weather for crew mission is a little bit more finnicky than regular launches. The weather needs to be good along the whole launch trajectory. In case of an in-flight abort, crew needs to be rescued from the ocean.

Tim Dodd: Crew Dragon Launch Day Timeline: From Suit up to Docking with the ISS

NASA's Mars helicopter finally undertook its first flight. It managed to hover at around 3 meters off the ground and land again.

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Anton Petrov: They Did It! NASA's Helicopter Actually Flew on Mars!

Ingenuity Helicopter: Wikipedia

Perseverance: Wikipedia

The booster is a Falcon 9 on its second mission, carrying a payload mass of 13 t.

The rocket will launch from Kennedy Space Center (LC-39A), Florida and the first stage will land on a drone ship downrange.

Travel time to ISS will be 8:30 hours.

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