Boeing Starliner - Uncrewed Test Flight to the ISS [SCRUBBED]

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EDIT1: an unexpected valve position in the propulsion system was detected during check-outs. Launch postponed to August 4th.

EDIT2: Launch scrubbed in order to find the cause for the faulty valve position.


The first Boeing Starliner test at the end of 2019 was unsuccessful. Synchronization of mission clocks went astray, confused the capsule and led it to needlessly burn too much fuel for unnecessary maneuvers.

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While there was too little fuel reserve left to safely dock to the ISS, it was possible to check out other parts of the mission on orbit and land the capsule.

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It turns out Boeing found more software glitches that could have resulted in loss of craft during reentry.

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Tim Dodd with a tour of what it looks like to ride on Starliner:

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How does Starliner compare with Crew Dragon:

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The second test flight launches on a ULA Atlas V from Space Launch Complex 41, Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida.

Payload mass is 13200 kg.

Goal of this mission is to fly to the ISS, dock and return to earth.

Starliner will only carry limited amounts of cargo to and from orbit and will stay attached to station for 5 days.

The 45th Weather Squadron predicts weather conditions on launch day at 60% go. Main concerns: thick clouds, lightning and cumulus clouds.

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