The effect of COVID 19 and futures trading on the price of BTC before and after halving

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Remember how I talked about the new variables in this year's halving equation?

You can read my previous article here

COVID 19 (A global pandemic) and bitcoin futures trading.

What role will they play in determining the price direction before and after the halving in May? Are they significant enough to cause a deviation from the already predicted pattern?

We'll find out soon..... Just follow me!

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I'll assume you’re familiar with the coronavirus situation and its broader impact to the global economy. How will this harbinger of chaos impact the price of bitcoin? Now that's a question no one can answer accurately. And anyone that claims differently is selling you a bag of goods.


If you ask me, bitcoin is quite experimental and thus entirely speculative, and despite being labeled as a safe haven asset immune from the whims of the global economy, bitcoin did not exist during the 2008 economic crisis. Ironically, it was formed out of the ashes of that spectacle and has existed solely in a risk-on global macro climate. Given that bitcoin has never existed during any form of global financial turmoil, there are zero data points to extrapolate from.

Over the last few weeks, bitcoin’s price action has followed closely in line with regular markets, surprising many and damaging the notion of bitcoin’s lack of correlation. One argument that you hear frequently is that the looming bitcoin halving will cause a dramatic rise in the value of bitcoin. This has been widely popularized by the “Stock to Flow (S2F) model” (you can read about it here )

In my opinion I think it will be unwise to expect bitcoin to defy market principles when most recently it has been observed to follow exactly the same trends seen in regular markets.

If COVID 19 is capable of causing a huge stir up in regular markets, it's likely to even become an even more dominant factor in crypto markets.
Now the big question is, what has COVID 19 got to do with bitcoin? I mean bitcoin is digital right, no physical signatures and all that.....

Truth is the virus has no direct effect on anything but it's effects are on the people who in turn have a massive effect on the market (too many effects in one paragraph.... Lol)

So in summary, the major factor behind the recorded spike in the price of bitcoin after a halving event as seen in history, is a cut in supply and an increase in demand (which is usually based on hype and speculations though).

If you insert COVID 19 into the equation, you might not get the same results. This is as a result of people discovering that bitcoin is not really a safe haven asset, as it can be affected by any factor strong enough to affect the world's global market.

In order to keep this short and simple I will talk about the effect of Bitcoin futures trading on its price later....

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I actually think covid 19 actually affected the worth of Bitcoin which also impacted the fall of Bitcoins and many other cryptos. It also affected the stock market though and it affected some other economy.

But nevertheless, there is always a blessing in every disappointment and this is why it is really advisable to earn more crypto or buy more cryptos at a very cheaper rate for now which you can hodl and later trade at a good profit when it's time.

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Greetings friend @bizbuzz.

Bitcoin was born to challenge traditional concepts of bankarization and encourage financial democratization. That was his initial concept and he has largely remained faithful to his principles.

With a few exceptions in its alleged shielding against tampering and collusion, as "BTC Whales" can create an effect on the market as we know. Just by proposing it and making massive movements, all that balance can be shaken.

In general, BTC has proven to be resistant to all the policies that have corrupted the stock markets since its inception.
For this reason I thought that during this pandemic, BTC would be the refuge for the capital of many investors and therefore would strengthen.
I was very surprised, like everyone else, the abrupt drop it had from Monday March 9 to 12 when it fell below 5K usd, clearly related to the spread of the virus.

So it doesn't look as tough as in previous years.

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