5 Day Outage

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Kind of a quick status update post today and a stark reminder to BACKUP everything lol


5 Days ago I traveled for the holidays and while traveling my hard drives took a bit of a pounding. I had though SSD drives where pretty much solid and couldn't break however this 11 hour car ride surely proved that is not the case.

I had to order windows 10 and a new SSD from Amazon and luckily the parts came. From that I was able to get the computer running again well enough to find out that out of 5 total hard drives the core one I used for whatever reason bit the dust while all the others where ok. What is the luck of that seriously! Fiver hard drives and the one I really need is the one that crashes into nothing!

The SSD is the Samsung 860 EVO I even bought the "better" to try and eliminate something like this from happening as much as possible.

Anyways there are a few things that saved my A$$ and I want to share those with you.

  1. I backup every two weeks on a cloud server. However not any cloud server it's a private key crypto cloud server with very good protection from ever being hacked. I encourage you to do the same and protect key passwords however back a backup thumbdrive and paper versions as well.

  2. I use last pass - This little plugin has saved my butt tons of times in the past. While not as secure I wouldn't put things on it like your crypto keys but other passwords do come in handy for storing here.

  3. Paper, thumbdrive backups. All in all I could have restored everything when I got home easily from these other backups however I didn't have them with me so that would have meant waiting another two weeks.

All in all I just wanted to post this up to everyone as a remind to back up your work and to do it rather often. Things can happen unexpectly and while I hope it never happens to you being prepared has seriously saved me THOUSANDS of dollars and literal hundreds if not thousands of hours.

So why did I post this under investment/ leo? Simply because time and money invested without backup especially in cryptocurrency where you can't recover keys is CRITICAL.

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