A search for utopia without dystopia

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A fraction of a human hair.. THOUSANDS IMPLANTED - Cyborgs are coming!

"Hey dad, can I get the ocular upgrade implanted already?", said Billy

Billy's parents in synchronicity scream, "Now Billy, we told you until you reach 13!"

Billy really doesn't need X-Ray vision until he is 13!


The future is here.. or MUSK or Cybernet..

The future is indeed intriguing. The future is undoubtedly terrifying; at least until people STOP hacking their own implants! All to control AI and run along it? I am not going into the complexities of how this works. You can watch Elon's you tube presentation yourself.

Hacking, cybernetic implants and their upgrades. Cyberpunk?

The medical benefits can be astounding; but in a world that has proven to be headed towards a dystopian future.. there will be abuse. Either way, it is coming and will be regulated; but not for criminals and dark op agencies. The medical field will change, and there will become more of a convergence of robotics and medicine. Choose your stock wisely! A new Playstation is coming.


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