Vertical farming for the future

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Vertical farming is an amazing concept that was introduced at the start of the millennium. Farming was one of the biggest reasons why we were and are still continuing to lose our flora and fauna. We have converted lots of our wild lands to farmlands producing pine oils and other farming needs. Some animals who were part of that habitat suffered and some animals have started adapting themselves to the new habitat.

Humans are a race and we cannot live without food and water. The availability of fresh water shouldn't be a big problem at least for some more years or decades but the availability of food is always challenging. We have to find innovative ways to cultivate our food without deforestation. Vertical farming plays a vital role in this. I would even stretch further and say that we might have adapted ourselves completely to vertical farming in the future. Soilless farming is also another interesting concept that is gaining popularity in recent years.



Concept of Vertical farming

This concept was introduced in 1999 and the main idea was to do more farming and get a higher yield from a limited space. This stretched further and was also interesting for people to do farming in City and even in apartments. People started growing green vegetables and spinach on their apartment walls. Even though there are limitations as to what can be grown with the help of vertical farming, it is still one of the emerging technology that is going to get very popular in the coming years.

This concept is also called controlled environment agriculture where with the limited availability of items, people still do agriculture and get the necessary yield. For example in some places Sun can be a limited source and people still do farming in some places, water can be a limited resource and people still do farming with the help of hydroponics and vertical farming making it a reality and a future for our food.

Countries adopting vertical farming

Mostly it is all the developed countries adopting this farming methodology. We might have seen big farms in the Netherlands doing vertical farming successfully. They are also one of the biggest exporters of some day-to-day food items. The possibility is through vertical farming. India is also one of the biggest countries that are getting into the vertical farming business. Even though the technology is pretty new, there are some companies trying to teach this to others to make it more popular.



If there is a structured way in which people can do this farming, I'm sure many people living in big apartments with less space would start doing agriculture and farm their own food at home with the help of vertical farming techniques. If we look at YouTube, we would be able to see that many individuals have been doing vertical farming in their balcony space and are able to successfully get some yields. Of course, the technology is pretty new and not everyone gets all the necessary knowledge to get started but I'm sure in the course of another few years, this will start getting big.

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Vertical farming is interesting for sure for people in apartments! I also recommend hydroponic devices

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