Utopia Vs. Mad Max

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Today I woke up to my silly Apple news prompts. Of course the news is always from the “bad” spectrum. Something to do with more virus nonsense. Frankly I’m done with it already. It got me thinking however about the world in general.

I know the world isn’t perfect. I also know that some people are just plain bad. There is always that mantra in my head that people are generally good. And even though this is contrary to what I have seen in my life for the last 6 years my belief in humanity still exists.

I also know that what you see on TV or what I call Plato’s cavern is not to be trusted. Sadly, the majority on earth still except some very bad individual’s idea of reality. This reality I refer to as the Mad Max scenario.

Now some of you may be too young to remember the movie Mad Max. Basically the short synopsis is society has collapsed. Now the world is riddled with factions fighting for power and resources. It’s violent and brutal and frankly a world where most wouldn’t want to reside.

Sadly the media and it’s tentacles are “programming” our populace on a daily basis. Whatever their agenda is many today parrot this program on a daily basis. It is truly sad to see. They embrace this Mad Max scenario as a true reality. Violence, political and social turmoil, and hate are on the daily program menu. Mad Max would be so proud.

But is our world really this bad? Everyday I encounter countless friendly people from all walks of life. Most are just trying to provide a better life and future for their families. I also see locals helping one another. Wow this sounds like utopia. Well I think it could be.

Society is in need of a massive reboot. If you think about it mankind needs structure and a vision. Without it we most assuredly would collapse into Mad Max haven. And as most of you know technology itself is setting the stage for this massive reboot. However, there is a fork in the road. One could lead us down the path of Mad Max. While the other could lead us to a quasi Utopia.

Technology itself is not good or bad. It is however a tool used by humanity. Tech could be used for good or nefarious purposes. Blockchain is a prime example of the good vs evil narrative. Bitcoin can be used for good purpose such as protecting savings. It could also potentially be used by hackers and thief’s.

So as tech begins to accelerate humanity should ask itself this question: How do we create utopia? As I watch the trends of AI and 3D printing this question continues to arise. And not a dystopian utopia where 5 or 6 entities control everything. The type of utopia I speak of resides on the premise of individual freedom.

The type of utopia I speak of grants the individual the freedom to be their own bank/maker. Where currency is created by the individual as opposed to quasi State actors. Where the needs of community are “printed” at will. These type of communities would ensure the money power and productive capacity would stay local.

These trends obviously are starting to take shape in society. However, thanks to the CNN idiot box most don’t realize that there is a better way. Well I’m here to say that there is a better way. And this is an issue that I will continue to passionately pursue for the rest of my life.

So humanity has a choice: Utopia or Mad Max? Personally I prefer a little Utopia reality mixed with Mad Max on Apple TV.

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Without a doubt, things are getting much better. The crisis news network is awful to get a real world view of what is going on. The gloom and doom feeds into the agenda that is in place.

Fear is a powerful weapon and it is how the masses are controlled by the few.

There are a ton of decentralized technologies which are going to push humanity forward. They are still in their infancy stage. However as with blockchain, they are progressing forward on a consistent basis.

Humanity truly has a choice in the matter, it is just making the right choice.

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